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Monthly Challenge Administration

How to administer the Monthly Challenge

If you want to know how the infrastructure around the Monthly Challenge works, see How it works.

The Monthly Challenge is set up to be largely automatic, but there are some aspects that cannot be automated. This also means there are a few moving parts that need careful administration.

The core "point of truth" for the Monthly Challenge is the data module for the month. This is what is used to generate the list of included works for the statistics. For this month, the data module is Module:Monthly Challenge/data/2024-02.

The following should be automatic:

  • Classification of works on the monthly overview into "short", "proofread", "validated", "done", etc., based on the information in the data module.
  • Collation of daily, monthly, annual and all-time statistics
  • Categorisation of works into the monthly categories (including adding and removing works that are added or removed from the data module)

The following are tasks that are not automatic:

  • Adding new works to the data module
  • Classifying works with subject, author, etc. metadata
  • Setting the status (initial and final) to allow the generation of list of completed works for a given month.

Adding new works[edit]

The biggest manual task is adding the works to the current data module. Works are arranged in monthly data modules, for example Module:Monthly Challenge/data/2024-02.

Works are included in the Monthly Challenge for up to three months, unless they are "immune" to expiry, when they last until validated. This is a "soft" limit and can be extended if the work is likely to be completed soon.

Whenever you add works to a Challenge, you should also make sure the work Indexes are in the relevant monthly category. For example: Category:Monthly Challenge (February 2024). Indexes can and should be in more than one monthly category if they take longer than one month to validate.

Starting a new month[edit]

Tasks that are needed to start a new month:

The following tasks aren't essential to do manually: they will happen automatically, normally about a week before the month end. However, if something goes wrong, or you'd like to get started before the script runs (the scripts won't overwrite pages you make) this is what should happen:

  • Create the month's project page, e.g. Wikisource:Community collaboration/Monthly Challenge/March 2024
  • Create the category Category:Monthly Challenge (Month YYYY), e.g. Category:Monthly Challenge (March 2024)
  • Categorisation of indexes
    • Make sure all works in the new month (new and rolled-over) are in the category you just created. This isn't critical for the stats (it used to be), but it can make other maintenance and navigation easier. PWB has a handy script to help do that:
      • This month: ./ category add -to:"Monthly Challenge (February 2024)" -links:"Wikisource:Community collaboration/Monthly Challenge/February 2024" -ns:Index
      • Next month: ./ category add -to:"Monthly Challenge (March 2024)" -links:"Wikisource:Community collaboration/Monthly Challenge/March 2024" -ns:Index
      • The category page links PetScan queries to verify all works are categorised.
      • Works rolling over from the previous month should be in both categories