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Monthly Challenge


  • Each month, the Wikisource community selects a few texts to proofread and validate.
  • The texts are featured for a maximum of three months with a few exceptions.
  • The challenge builds Wikisource's core collection and helps introduce new users to Wikisource.
  • Wikisource seeks to make free, scan-backed ebooks accessible to everyone.

The Monthly Challenge has multiple themes that recur across each month. Generally, a broad cross-section of themes is aimed for in each challenge.


Some themes (like "Science") are field-based, some (like "Novels" and "Periodicals") concern the publication format, while others have a focus on human issues such as minority, LGBT+ and women's rights, colonialism and slavery, into which Wikisource's collection can provide uniquely contemporaneous views and primary material. Finally, some meta-themes are related to either the copyright status of the works or internal Wikisource backlogs.


  • Science


  • Periodicals
  • Novels

Human issues[edit]

  • Women Writers
  • Western Colonialism

Wikisource and copyright[edit]

  • Celebrating the Public Domain