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Wikisource and the other Wikimedia projects often use their own words and terminology. This pages lists them for the benefit of users unfamiliar with the terms.

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  • Basepage, Base-page or Base page: The main, top-level page of a work. Not a subpage. Also known as a Rootpage.


  • HTML, "Hyper Text Markup Language", which is the format that all Wikisource pages are converted to when displayed by a browser. The pages themselves are written and stored as Wikitext, the Wikisource web server converts this to HTML.


  • Index:


  • Mainspace: An abbreviation of "Main namespace", the part of Wikisource that contains the works and texts.


  • Namespace: The separate sections or areas of Wikisource. These can usually be seen as a prefix to the pagename (for example, "Wikisource" in the pagename "Wikisource:Glossary"). See Help:Namespaces for more information.


  • Proofread: The intermediary status of a work on Wikisource. A work that has been checked and corrected by one user. Represented by the colour yellow in the page status indicator and in the workspace.
  • Proofreading: The act of checking and amending a text.


  • Relative link
  • Rootpage: Another name for a Basepage.


  • Scan: (see also "Index")
  • Scan-backed: Wikisource-specific jargon which refers to the state of a transcribed text that has been proofread using software that produces an Index made up of images (scans) of pages from a physical book or other work. (see also Help:Beginner's guide to proofreading)
  • Subpage, Sub-page or Sub page: any page "below" a base page. For example, the page My Book/Chapter 1 is a sub page of the basepage My Book.


  • Tag: An element in the code which looks like this: <tag>. Sometimes tags are HTML, and sometimes they are special tags that are handled by the Wikisource server.
  • Template: A special piece of Wikitext that "expands" into a pre-defined piece of content. Often used for formatting and linking within Wikisource to reduce repetitive code. They use double braces and {{look like this}}. See Help:Templates.
  • Transclude: Substituting text or a template from one page into another. Templates are transcluded into other pages. Pages in the page namespace are transcluded into the main namespace (this is how proofread text is transferred there).
  • Transclusion:


  • Validated: The final status of a work on Wikisource. A work that has been checked and proofread by at least two separate users. Represented by the colour green in the page status indicator and in the workspace.
  • Validate: The act of checking a proofread text to confirm that it is correct.


  • Wikisourcer: A user of Wikisource, an editor with a User page. See also Wikisourcerer.
  • Wikisourcerer or Wikisourceror: Another word of a user of Wikisource. A play on the word "sorcerer." See also Wikisourcer.
  • Wikitext or Wikicode or Wiki markup: The code used to enter content into Wikisource. It is a combination of special mark-up and HTML. See more at Wikipedia.
  • Workspace: The Index and Page namespaces in which the proofreading takes place. The back-room area of Wikisource in which work takes place but not the final location of the work (it will be transcluded to the mainspace when it has been proofread).

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