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The WikiProject on infrastructural and guidance development (WikiProject IGD or IGD for short) seeks to write WikiSource's basic infrastructure, including full help documentation, a comprehensive category scheme, and streamlined administrator intervention. If you're interested in helping, even if you're not sure how you can yet, feel free to add your name to the list of participants below.


  1. Write comprehensive help documentation
  2. Streamline administrator intervention
  3. Standardise a comprehensive navigational scheme


  1. Categorise Wikisource templates (see Category:Wikisource templates).
  2. Expand Outstanding technical matters
  3. Convert all pages to {{header}} standard
  4. Convert all page titling to subpage standard (where applicable)
  5. Complete Wikisource:Index


  1. Pathoschild (talk)
  2. Zhaladshar (talk)
  3. Apwoolrich (talk)
  4. BirgitteSB (talk)
  5. Yann (talk)
  6. Theo (Talk)
  7. Greg Robson (talk)
  8. AllanHainey (talk)
  9. Sj (Talk)
  10. Dovi
  11. illy (talk)
  12. Spangineer (talk)
  13. Fadookie (talk)
  14. AdamBMorgan (talk)
  15. George Orwell III (talk)
  16. Chris55 (talk)

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