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Voting begins on two for CheckUser access
by Pathoschild, 30 March 2006
CheckUser on Wikisource
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Voting has begun at Wikisource:Administrators on granting CheckUser permissions to two Wikisource users, Pathoschild and Zhaladshar. Foundation policy states that each user must gather at least 25 supporting votes to pass, and that every project must have at least two users with CheckUser access or none at all. However, answering a question about the 25-support rule in #wikimedia, steward Datrio stated that "yes, if your Wikipedia is smaller it may be changed, of course".

At the Scriptorium, BirgitteSB stated that "As that is and an unprecedented voter turnout for the English Wikisource, we need to encourage everyone in the community to vote. Granting checkuser is a serious amount of trust so it is completely understandable if there are users here who simply do not know a nominee well enough to support them. So I want to encourgage everyone to support whomever you feel you can, do not feel hestitant to vote if you only can support one nominee. I also want to say that by granting this access we are giving whomever are a large responsiblity. No one should expect miracles from this often the answer to a request may be "Inconclusive", also details cannot be shared to protect privacy."

Requesting users[edit]

  • Pathoschild is a recent arrival from Wikipedia. He registered on 04 October 2005, became more active on 20 January 2006, and was granted administrator access on 03 February 2006. He is notably responsible for drafting several policies and help pages, and maintains a list of major contributions at m:User:Pathoschild/Accompli. He is also an administrator on the English Wikipedia, and maintains an active account on the Meta-Wiki.
  • Zhaladshar was the first user to register an account on the English Wikisource on 10 September 2005. He is the local bureaucrat and an administrator on the multilingual Wikisource. He notably kicked off the project by creating the basic infrastructure, most of which is still in use today.
  • Essjay originally applied for CheckUser access, but withdrew his nomination when Zhaladshar applied. He had previously stated that "If there is a more active local user who has the technical knowledge and desire to serve, I will be more than happy to withdraw from consideration." Essjay is an administrator on the English Wikipedia, Wikiquote, Meta-Wiki, and Commons.

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