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Project started for New Student's Reference Work
by Zhaladshar, 24 April 2006

A new WikiProject has been officially founded to begin adding The New Student's Reference Work to Wikisource. An annual publication in the 1910's by F. E. Compton and Company in Chicago, Illinois, Wikisource will present the 1914 edition, which has fallen into the public domain. This edition contains five volumes' worth of material spanning many fields of human knowledge.

While efforts to upload, OCR, and proof individual articles has been ongoing for many months, an organized and concerted effort to reproduce this text has only just begun. Originally, Wikisource's version was to copy the structure of the German Wikisource's Meyers Blitz-Lexikon, but the participants favored the emulation of the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica's layout of placing each article on its own page.

For more information concerning this new WikiProject, see its general information page at Wikisource:WikiProject NSRW. To help get directly involved in the project, please read the project's style manual and the list of open tasks for ideas in getting started.

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