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Wikisource News (articles)
Wikisource News
Wikisource report
by Pathoschild, 01 May 2007

This is a compilation of Wikisource news covering January to May 2007. See also a similar compilation of Wikimedia Foundation news and technical news.

Copyright debates[edit]

  • Manifestos are currently accepted on Wikisource on the assumption that, by their nature, their authors intended them to be widely read or viewed, which implicitly allows reproduction on Wikisource. However, the application of this reasoning to other freedoms required by the Copyright policy is questioned. This may lead to the deletion of any manifesto that has not otherwise fallen into the public domain.[1]
  • Speeches have traditionally been allowed on the assumption that they cannot be copyrighted since they are not fixed in a tangible form, and since speaking them publicly implies consent to reproduction. However, research by Physchim62 has revealed serious legal problems with this assumption. If validated, speeches will need to be retagged or deleted.[2]
  • The template for PD-old-70 has been revealed as seriously miswritten, which has resulted in its broad misapplication. Despite what the wording has long suggested, this criteria only applies to works published after 1978.[3]


User access[edit]



Featured texts[edit]

Five works were featured so far this year; the descriptions that were shown on the Main Page were as follows.

January After Death is a philosophical poem by Christina Rossetti about tragic death with a twist, first published in Goblin Market and Other Poems in 1862.
February Anthem for Doomed Youth is one of the best-known and most popular of Wilfred Owen's poems. It employs the traditional form of a sonnet. Much of the imagery suggests Christian funeral rituals and the poem moves from infernal noise to mournful silence.
March Theodore Roosevelt wrote this resignation letter to the Mayor of New York, ceding his position as President of the New York Police Department, on 17 April 1897.
April Darkness by Lord Byron is a cynical funereal tale of mankind in its desperate final days after an apocalyptic event, inspired by the 1816 Year Without a Summer following the massive eruption of Mount Tambora and other volcanoes. It touches through various allegories such topics as religion, death, social classes, ethics and values.
May Lights by Sara Teasdale is a poem about simple love and familiarity as contrasted against the tired dissatisfaction of the masses.


Crosswiki milestones[edit]

Several Wikisources achieved milestones:


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