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Wikisource News
Moving to by-monthly
by MJL, 01 September 2019

From the Editors: New retention standards[edit]

Wikisource:News strives to bring excellence to print with every new edition. Still, it is easy to get side tracked and get distracted.

After restarting the publication last spring, MJL has said they will be keeping it running for as long as they are able to. That being the case, MJL is apologizing for the lack of updates, "I've recently kind of gotten myself really distracted with some English Wikipedia stuff." They further explained, "I barely had any contributions to Wikisource for the month of August. That isn't a good look for someone who has headed up the project newsletter. However, I'm committing myself to reverting to my previous levels of engagement with Wikisource starting with this very issue of Wikisource:News." They went on to explain, "To hopefully make up for that, I put a lot of work into this latest issue. It covers all the story beats that I always wanted originally for this project when I first started out. It's just good and worth a read this time around."

In addition to the statement, MJL also announced that Wikisource:News would be officially becoming a by-monthly publication in an effort to ensure the newsletter's long-term success. Interested parties are encouraged to support Wikisource:News by contributing their time as well or to add their names to the subscribution list.

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