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Wikisource News
Wikisource News
Wikisource:News is back!
by MJL, 24 March 2019

From the Editors: Volume 3 confirmed

Previous Volumes

After 43 months of inactivity, a new English Wikisource contributor has taken on the task of Wikisource:News's resurrection. User MJL, a relative newcomer to Wikisource, will be taking a leadership role in the development of this newsletter. The April 2019 edition will have five articles with more editions to follow of various sizes.

"I decided to restart this project because I felt it really had brought a lot of value to the community here. Ideally, Wikisource:News would have been kept going for longer than it did, but now here we are." MJL wrote in a statement. They continued, "I hope no one minds that I am trying to do this. While it is a pretty important responsibility, my priority will remain transcribing works here. Anyone is free to step in my place for the May issue because I really would prefer to focus on Wikiproject Validate." [1]

Wikisource:News has its origins loosely tied with a project by Dovi on multilingual Wikisource on 17 September 2005 (link). That project is still ongoing to this today, yet it is not as frequently updated.

On March 2006, Pathoschild conceived of a newsletter more similar to the Wikipedia Signpost at the Scriptorium.[2] During the discussion, Dovi expressed their support for the initiative and requested it cover other language Wikisources. The platform was soon launched.

Primarily written by Pathoschild,[3] the publication continued for 27 issues. However, issues 25, 26, and 27 of the newsletter were each nearly a year apart from one another. Volume 1 is generally considered to have ended by its last issue in 2010 written by Billinghurst. They would go on to note the difficulties of maintaining this project. [4]

Then in December 2012, Adam B Morgan proposed for the Maintenance of the Month a relaunch the newsletter.[5] This led to an additional 27 issues[6] until it fell off in July 2015.

Until this issue, there have been no known publications of Wikisource:News since.

This article was written by a subject of the news story or someone closely related to them. Please discuss any issues you find concerning this story at Wikisource talk:News. Wikisource:News is dedicated to fair and accurate reporting.


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