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Wikisource News
WikiProject Validate reaches five members
by MJL, 31 March 2019

WikiProject Spotlight: WikiProject Validate


The Czech Republic and Slovakia just celebrated their 100th anniversary being independent from Austria-Hungary.

WikiProject Validate (sometimes known as WS:WPV in reference to the shortcut) is a recently formed WikiProject to get more works in Category:Index Proofread "green"[1] meaning validated. An important milestone for the project was the celebration of their fifth participant.[2]

WS:WPV has also almost completely validated the 132-page work Bohemia's case for independence by late President of Czechoslovakia Edvard Beneš (As of time of writing, it is the current featured task). The work was proposed for validation by Jan Kameníček, a resident of the Czech Republic,[3] on the WPV Noticeboard.[4] All that remains for the transcription project is to validate the remainder of Pages 53 to 75 and Pages 95 to 106. It has been the featured task since January 2019.

Only a few days ago, Wikisource Administrator Beleg Tâl posted on the WikiProject's Noticeboard suggesting a merger with Wikisource:Validation of the Month.[5] The discussion remains ongoing with few users having weighed in so far (link).

The first to weigh in was WikiProject Validate participant MJL, who did not disagree with the proposed merger. When asked for further comment, MJL responded, "I am really happy with the work that we have all done so far, but I do think that it would be good long term for us to be featured in Template:Collaboration or something else on the main page. That could make validating works a lot easier."

The future of the WikiProject as well as the implications of the potential merger remain unclear.

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  1. As one could see in Help:Page status, validated works in Wikisource have their status displayed in green, so a page that's green has been validated (hence the nickname).
  2. At time of writing, it is now up to six.
  3. That is according to his userpage.
  4. Jan.Kamenicek, 17:28, 25 October 2018 (UTC); "As Czechia is celebrating the 100th anniversary of independence from Austria-Hungary, I suggest to validate the following works:
    * Bohemia's case for independence (transcription project)
    " Link: Wikisource:WikiProject Validate/Noticeboard#Comment from Jan Kameníček
  5. Beleg Tâl, 13:16, 27 March 2019 (UTC); "It seems to me that the community would be better served if both community-validation efforts were working in tandem. WS:VotM is a spin-off of WS:PotM; see Wikisource talk:Proofread of the Month#Validation of the Month logistics." Link: Wikisource:WikiProject Validate/Noticeboard#Merging with Wikisource:Validation of the Month