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What must never be forgotten:
War crimes in Ukraine
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My name is Jan Kameníček [ˈjan ˈkamɛɲiːt͡ʃɛk] and I am a Wikimedian based in the Czech Republic. You can find my contributions also in English Wikipedia (User Page), Commons (User page), Czech Wikipedia (Uživatelská stránka), Czech Wikisource, English Wiktionary, Wikidata, Czech Wiktionary or Slovak Wikipedia. I am a member of Wikimedia Czech Republic.

My English Wikisource work


Stilfrid and Brunswik, 1879
Three Stories, 1886
Our Grandfather, 1887
The Grandmother, 1891
"Heavens!", 1894
Zawis and Kunigunde, 1895
Segnius Irritant: or Eight Primitive Folk-lore Stories, 1896
Maria Felicia, 1898
The Labyrinth of the World and the Paradise of the Heart, 1901
Magdalen, 1916
Czech Folk Tales, 1917
Short Stories from the Balkans, 1919
Anthology of Modern Slavonic Literature in Prose and Verse, 1919
Czechoslovak fairy tales, 1919
Four Japanese Tales, 1919
The Shoemaker's Apron, 1920
Czechoslovak Stories, 1920
The Disobedient Kids and other Czecho-Slovak fairy tales, 1921
Famous Stories from Foreign Countries, 1921
R. U. R. (Rossum's Universal Robots), 1923
'And so ad infinitum' (The Life of the Insects), 1924
Krakatit, 1925
The Makropoulos Secret, 1925
Selected Czech Tales, 1925
The Land of Many Names, 1926
A Forest Story, 1929
Halek's Stories and Evensongs, 1930

In magazines and annuals

Poet Lore
The Best Continental Short Stories of 1923-1924
The Best Continental Short Stories of 1924-1925
The Best Continental Short Stories of 1926


Cheskian Anthology, 1832
Bohemian Poems, Ancient and Modern, 1849
The Queen's Court Manuscript with Other Ancient Bohemian Poems, 1852
Bohemian legends and other poems, 1896
An Anthology of Modern Bohemian Poetry, 1912
Songs of the Slav, 1919
Modern Czech Poetry, 1920
Evening Songs, 1920
The Conversion of St. Vladimir, 1930
Tyrolean Elegies, c1932
May, 1932
Satanella, 1932
The Soul Of A Century, 1943
A Book of Czech Verse, 1958


The Bartered Bride, 1908


De Ecclesia. The Church, 1413, English edition 1915
Letters of John Huss Written During His Exile and Imprisonment, 1410–1415, English edition 1846
The letters of John Hus, 1408–1415, English edition 1904
On The Spiritual Battle, 1421, English edition 2009
Diary of an embassy from King George of Bohemia to King Louis XI of France in the year of grace 1464, English edition 1871
Adventures of Baron Wenceslas Wratislaw of Mitrowitz, 1599, English edition 1862
Comenius' School of Infancy, 1632, English edition 1893
The severall Habits of English Women and Theatru Mulierum, 1640's, reprint 1794–1812
Rules of Life, 1645, English translation 1865
The History of the Bohemian Persecution, 1650
The Great Didactic of John Amos Comenius, 1657, English edition 1896
Essay on the mineral waters of Carlsbad, 1835
The Acts and Monuments of John Foxe, Volume 3, 1837 (part)
The Moravian Episcopate, 1865
John Huss, 1879
The Victoria Falls, 1879
The Past, Present and Future Trade of the Cape Colonies with Central Africa, 1879
On the Central South African Tribes from the South Coast to the Zambesi, 1880
Seven Years in South Africa, 1881
Statement of the attempted rescue of General Lafayette from Olmutz, c1881
Glimpses of Bohemia, 1882
Guide through Carlsbad and its environs, 1884
A Selection of Bohemian National Embroidery from Náprstek's Bohemian Industrial Museum, 1893
The Story of Bohemia, 1895
The Migration of Hirundo Rustica to South Africa, 1896
Lectures on The Historians of Bohemia, 1905
Bohemian Section at the Austrian Exhibition, Earl's Court London 1906
The life and times of Master John Hus, 1909
Bohemia: An Historical Sketch, 1910, reprint 1920
The Old Town Hall of Prague, 1911
Prague, 1911
Report of Bohemian Section to the Socialist Party National Convention, May 1912
The Hussite Wars, 1914
Slavs on Southern Farms, 1914
John Huss: his life, teachings and death, after five hundred years, 1915
Bohemia's claim for freedom, 1915
Bohemia under Hapsburg misrule, 1915
Bohemians in Central Kansas, 1915
The Future of Bohemia, 1915
Bohemia's claim to independence, 1916
The Bohemians (Czechs) In The Present Crisis, 1916
At the Eleventh Hour, 1916
The Heart of Europe, 1917
Bohemia's case for independence, 1917
The Czecho-Slovaks, 1917
The voice of an oppressed people, c1917
The Bohemian Question, 1917
The Case of Bohemia, 1917
Bohemia; a brief evaluation of Bohemia's contribution to civilization, 1917
Declaration of the Czech deputies: In Convention at Prague, January 6, 1918
The Czechoslovak flag, historic coat of arms of the Czechoslovak lands, 1918
Great Britain's New Allies-The Czecho-Slovaks, 1918
The Independence of the Czecho-Slovak Nation, 1918
The New Europe (The Slav Standpoint), 1918
Declaration of Independence of the Czechoslovak Nation, 1918
The Spirit of Russia, vol. I and II, 1919
Heroic Story of the Czecho-Slovak Legions, 1919
President of the Czecho-Slovak Republic, Thomas G. Masaryk, 1919
Jews in the Czecho-Slovak State, 1919
Great Britain and The Czecho-Slovaks, 1919
The Peace League of George Poděbrad, King of Bohemia, 1919
The Czechs of Cleveland, 1919
The Constitution of the Czechoslovak Republic, 1920
The Story of Prague, 1920
Old Czech Recipes For Today's Kitchens, 1920
The Sokols, 1920
Dr. Miroslav Tyrš, 1920
The Czechoslovaks in the United States, c1920
The Jail, 1921
Historical paintings of the Slavic nations by Alfons Mucha, 1921
The Religious Conditions in Czechoslovakia, c1921
Czechoslovakia's tribute to the memory of Woodrow Wilson, 1924
Modern and contemporary Czech art, 1924
Letters from England, 1925
The Northern Ḥeǧâz, 1926
America in the Struggle for Czechoslovak Independence, 1926
Mariánské Lázně, Františkovy Lázně, 1930
Augustine Herrman, Beginner of the Virginia Tobacco Trade, Merchant of New Amsterdam…, 1941
Antonín Dvořák, 1941
Czechoslovak Contemporary Art, 1942
A Study of Peter Chelčický's Life and a Translation from Czech of Part I of His Net of Faith, 1947
Address by His Excellency Vaclav Havel, President of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, 1990
Some Introductory Historical Observations (Czechia), 2004
Preliminary Notes on Cubist Architecture in Prague, 2004
On Hašek's The Good Soldier Švejk, 2007
An introduction to the work of Alfons Mucha and Art Nouveau, 2014
United States House of Representatives Concurrent Resolution No. 99, 2018

Articles in periodicals

Philosophical Transactions (several articles)
Once a Week (several articles)
American Anthropologist, vol. 1 (New Ser.), no. 2 (1 article)
The New Europe (several articles)
National Geographic Magazine (one article)
The Czechoslovak Review (several volumes)
The Wilson World (two articles)

The Lady's Realm, vol. 6: Zampach and its Ghosts (1899)
Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections: Remains in Eastern Asia of the Race that Peopled America (1912)
The North American Review/Volume 206/Bohemia–the submerged front, 1917
The Journal of International Relations, vol. 12: Two Architects of New Europe: Masaryk and Beneš, 1921
Mind, vol. 33, no. 129–130: Space and Time: An Essay in the Foundations of Physics, 1924
The Evening Sun, vol. 32, no. 59: Weird Novel By Author of R. U. R., 1925
Star-Phoenix, vol. 53, no. 136: Krakatit, 1925
The Guardian, Krakatit, 23 Dec. 1925
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The World, vol. 47, no. 72: Moroni Olsen Players to Appear Here Feb. 18 for Last Time, 1930
Statesman Journal, vol. 79, no. 263: Moroni Olson Players to Present Second of Plays In Salem Last of Month, 1930
Chicago Tribune, vol. 94, no. 18: Morton School Board inducts R. A. Ginsburg, 1935
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The Missoulian, vol. 106, no. 287: Libbie Scholten, 1979
The Journal News, 12 January 1984: Sparkill artist Vytlacil exerted wide influence

Encyclopædia articles

articles in A Dictionary of Music and Musicians (1900)
articles in The New International Encyclopædia (1905)
articles in Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)
articles in A Biographical Dictionary of Modern Rationalists (1920)