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I am Beleg Tâl. This is my Wikisource page. I also have a non-admin account called Beleg Âlt.


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Abandoned (sorry)[edit]

Requires better page scan:

Requires improvements to sidenote handling on Wikisource (see User_talk:ShakespeareFan00/Archive1#Sidenotes_redux.)

Requires someone with the patience to deal with LilyPond markup:


Requires validation[edit]



Style <blockquote> as {{fine block}}[edit]

See Index:California Digital Library (IA historyofkansas00hollrich).pdf/styles.css

Magical CSS borders[edit]

See Page:Newes from the Dead.djvu/14


  • To bulk create pages, see Wikipedia:AutoWikiBrowser/Create new pages
    • Content of page is <noinclude><pagequality level="0" user="Beleg Tâl" /></noinclude>PAGE CONTENT<noinclude></noinclude>
  • To replace roman numerals with arabic numerals, use something like previous={{#expr:{{#invoke:String|sub|{{SUBPAGENAME}}|8|-1}}-1}}



Simple vandalism: 1 month with default options; see Special:Blocklist

Page headers[edit]

Note: use {{rvh}} instead of the below as needed

{{rh|{{#ifexpr: {{{pagenum}}} mod 2||{{{pagenum}}}}}| (title) |{{#ifexpr: {{{pagenum}}} mod 2|{{{pagenum}}}|}}}}
  {{#ifexpr:{{{pagenum}}} mod 2|
    {{rh||''A'' {{sc|wild Girl}}.|{{{pagenum}}}}}
  | {{rh|{{{pagenum}}}|''The'' {{sc|History}} ''of''|}}
| {{rh|{{#ifexpr:{{SUBPAGENAME}} mod 2||{{{pagenum}}}}}|PREFACE.|{{#ifexpr:{{SUBPAGENAME}} mod 2|{{{pagenum}}}|}}}}



To delete the first page (e.g. Google Books page):

djvm -d foo.djvu 1

Greek typing[edit]

Useful templates[edit]

User analysis[edit]

Musical notation[edit]

<score>{ \override Score.TimeSignature #'stencil = ##f \new RhythmicStaff \stopStaff \stemDown \hideNotes c-| }</score>


Used in GIMP to take a line-drawing and save it with a transparent background.

    "script-fu-bab-ballads"                     ;func name
    "Bab Ballads"                               ;menu label
    "Removes the background of a b/w photo,
	makes it transparent, and saves to 
	specified location"                     ;description
    "Beleg Tâl"                                 ;author
    "CC0"                                       ;copyright notice
    "2014-05-06"                                ;date created
    "RGB*"                                      ;image type that the script works on
	SF-IMAGE "Input Image" 0
	SF-DRAWABLE "Input Drawable" 0
    SF-STRING      "Text"          "image.png"   ;a string variable
  (script-fu-menu-register "script-fu-bab-ballads"
  (define (script-fu-bab-ballads image drawable text)
    (let* (
			(filename (string-append "C:\\Users\\Beleg Tâl\\Desktop\\Wikisource\\Images\\" text) )
		(gimp-desaturate drawable)
		(gimp-brightness-contrast drawable 0 50)
		(plug-in-colortoalpha RUN-NONINTERACTIVE image drawable '(255 255 255))
		(file-png-save-defaults RUN-NONINTERACTIVE image drawable filename filename)