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WikiProject NLS
This project is to co-ordinate efforts to retrieve and present works stored by the National Library of Scotland
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Project Overview[edit]

The National Library of Scotland has a collection of over 3,000 Scottish chapbooks which have been digitised and published on the Library's Digital Gallery. In March 2020, the Library undertook a project to correct the OCR on this collection by uploading them to Wikisource, proofreading them then exporting the corrected OCR and loading it back into the Digital Gallery. The project began during the Coronavirus crisis and had been a useful way of using staff time while they work from home; in the first four weeks of the project more than 60 members of staff had taken part. In addition, it has served as a good vehicle for engaging Library staff with the wider Wikimedia environment.


We worked with Beeswaxcandle to develop a workflow that would allow us to meet Wikisource's quality standards while being able to complete texts at a reasonable pace. Please contact Gweduni if you would like more detail about any of the steps below.

The workflow contains the following stages:

  1. Uploading books to Wikisource
  2. Proofreading
  3. Validating
  4. Tranclusion
  5. Export of OCR

Uploading books to Wikisource[edit]

We upload approximately 40 books per day to Wikisource. This involves identifying the items we want to upload, preparing a metadata spreadsheet and then uploading to Wikimedia Commons through Pattypan. The books are then moved across to Wikisource from Wikimedia Commons and added to our internal tracking spreadhseet, where they are then distributed to staff members for editing.


Some members of the team are responsible for the intial proofreading of the books. This stage contains some mandatory steps such as ensuring spelling and punctuation are correct, correct use of line breaks, and adopting a consistent approach to illegible text, blank pages and blurry pages. Staff who are more confident in the Wikisource platform can pick up some of the optional steps including alignment, formatting, special characters and generating tables or columns (any of these optional steps that are missed are then picked up at the Validating stage).


There is a separate group of more advanced users who undertake the validation stage. This stage involves checking that the book has been proofread correctly and adding in tags and additional formatting to ensure the book better reflects the look of the original item.


Transclusion involves the publication of the item on Wikisource. This involves adding a header template, linking author details through to Wikidata, adding copyright templates and updating the item's status to "Transcluded". Once an item had been transcluded we are able to export the completed OCR.

Export of OCR[edit]

The Library's developer team are currently testing the process for exporting the completed OCR and reimporting into the Library's Digital Gallery.


The collection contains approximately 3,000 chapbooks, and we plan to upload around 200 every week. We hope to have as many of the 3,000 transcluded as possible before the end of the Coronavirus lockdown, and will make this an ongoing piece of work once staff return to the Library. The "uploaded" column shows the number of items uploaded, while the "To proofread" column shows the number to be proofread once duplicates or possible duplicates have been excluded.

Date Uploaded To proofread Started Proofread Validated Transcluded Percentage Transcluded
03/04/2020 243 243 154 106 59 0 0%
10/04/2020 358 266 241 190 77 8 0%
17/04/2020 558 377 280 230 89 24 1%
24/04/2020 753 509 348 294 148 61 2%
01/05/2020 1107 754 398 352 215 100 3%
08/05/2020 1350 888 396 354 188 178 6%
15/05/2020 1454 976 552 514 337 236 8%
22/05/2020 1663 1090 588 555 381 321 10%
29/05/2020 1739 1188 662 613 447 400 13%

List of Works Completed[edit]


Accidents and disasters on land

An account of the dreadful Accident and great loss of lives which occurred at Kirkcaldy, on Sunday the 15th June, 1828

Awful phenomena of nature -- snow storms, third of March and twenty-third April, 1827

Hermit of Warkworth

True and correct narrative of the dreadful burning of the steam-ship Amazon

Loss of the Comet steam-boat on her passage from Inverness to Glasgow, on Friday the 21st October, 1825

Loss of the steam-ship Orion

Melancholy consequences of two sea storms

Remarkable account of a shipwreck on an uninhabited island

Shipwrecks and disasters at sea

Wonderful account of Mr. George Spearing

Wonderful and surprising narrative of Capt. John Inglefield

Adventures and adventurers[edit]

Adam Bell, Clym of the Clough, and William of Cloudeslie

Adventures of Cap. Gulliver

Adventures of Jack Okham & Tom Splicewell (1)

Adventures of Jack Okham & Tom Splicewell (2)

Adventures of John o' Badenyon, in pursuit of happiness

Brief relation of the adventures of Bamfylde Moore Carew (1)

Dorastus and Fawnia, or, The life and adventures of a German princess

Excellent old song intitled Young Beichan and Susie Pye

Factor's garland

The Factor's garland

The Factor's Garland (1800)

The Factor's garland (1840-1850)

Factor's garland (1)

Factor's garland (6)

The Factor's Garland (Edinburgh, 1800)

Famous history of the valiant London prentice

Famous history of Valentine & Orson (1)

Five songs (1)

Four excellent new songs (1)

Four excellent songs (1)

Four interesting tales

Heaving of the lead

History and adventures of Jack Mansong

History of Adam Bell, Clim of the Clough, and William of Cloudeslie (1)

History of Beauty and the Beast

History of Columbus (1)

History of Fortunatus (2)

History of Fortunatus (3)

History of Fortunatus (4)

History of Montellion

History of Valentine and Orson

Iron shroud, or, Italian revenge (1)

Iron shroud, or, Italian revenge (2)

Intrepid & daring adventures of sixteen British seamen

Knight of Elle (1)

Knight of Elle (2)

Life and adventures of Robinson Crusoe (1)

Life and astonishing adventures of Peter Williamson (1)

Life and surprising adventures of Frederick Baron Trenck

Life of Robinson Crusoe, of York, mariner

Life, sufferings, and surprising adventures of Elizabeth Smith

Madrid shaver's adventures in the Spanish inquisition (1)

Madrid shaver's singular adventures, and wonderful escape from the Spanish Inquisition (1)

Most excellent and delightful history of Fortunatus

Mysterious cavern

Narrative of the extraordinary adventures of four Russian sailors (1)

Narrative of the extraordinary adventures of four Russian sailors (2)

Sailor dear, with The answer

Sailors tragedy (1)

Sailor's tragedy (4)

The Sentimental songster

Seven popular songs (1)

Shipwreck'd sailor

Singular adventures of a knight

Surprizing adventures, of Jack Oakum, & Tom Splicewell

Singular adventures of Sir Gawen, and the enchanted castle

Six excellent songs (1)

Six most excellent songs

Surprising adventures and sufferings of Frederick Baron Trenck

Surprising adventures, miraculous escapes, and wonderful travels, of the renowned Baron Munchausen

Surprising adventures of Frederick Baron Trenck

Surprising adventures of John Roach

Susan Py, or, Young Bichen's garland (1)

Susan Py, or, Young Bichen's garland (2)

Taylor's garland

The roving batchelor

The Travels and Adventures of William Lithgow

The younger brother, or, the sufferings of Saint Andre

Travels and Adventures of Willm. Lithgow, in Europe, Asia, and Africa

Travels and adventures of Wm. Lithgow (1)

Travels from Aleppo, to the city of Jerusalem, and through the most remarkable parts of the Holy Land, in 1776

Unparalleled sufferings and surprising adventures of Philip Quarle

Voyages and adventures of the renowned Admiral Drake

Voyages and travels of a Bible

Voyages and travels of Sindbad the sailor (1)

Wandering young gentlewoman, or, Cat-skin's garland

Wandering young gentlewoman, or, The cat-skins' garland (1)

Wonderful magazine of strange adventures, singular occurrences, and remarkable incidents


Alloway Kirk, or, Tam o' Shanter. A tale and man was made to mourn a poem with a sketch of Burn's' life

Laird of Ardenoaige and the Ghost of Fenhaglen

Songs (Brechin 1834)

Tam O'Shanter(NLS104186397)

Clothing and Dress[edit]

Dandy---o (1)

Dandy---o (2)

Domestic economy, or, General recipe book

Four popular songs (1)

History of Jack of Newbury

Important passages in the life of Mansie Wauch, tailor in Dalkeith

Life of Mansie Wauch tailor in Dalkeith (1)

Modern Beau

Three excellent new songs (1)

Prevailing fashions

Courtship and seduction[edit]

Andrew Lammie, or, Mill of Tiftie's Annie (1800)

Andrew Lammie, or, Mill of Tiftie's Annie (1820-1830)

Beautiful old song, entitled, The Duke of Gordon's three daughters

Beds of roses

Beds of roses (1)

Berkshire lady's garland (1)

Bess the gawkie

Bess the Gawkie (1828)

Bess the gawkie, or, Jamie slighted (1802)

Betsey Baker (1829)

Black-ey'd Susan's garland (1)

Blae berries, or, The highland laird's courtship to a farmer's daughter


Blaeberries, or, The highland laird's courtship to a farmer's daughter

Blaeberry courtship (1)

Blaeberry courtship, or, Allan's love to the farmer's daughter

Blue e'ed Mary

Bonnie baby Livingstone

Bonny Barbara Allan (1815-1825)

Bonny Barbara Allan (1823)

Bonny bell (1)

Bonny lass

Bonny lass of Banaphie (1)

Bonny lass of Banaphie (1826)

Bonny lass of Calder Braes (1)

Bonny lass of Calder Braes (1806)

Bonny Lizie Bailie

Bonny Jean (1)

Bonny Mally Stewart (1823)

Bonny Mally Stewart (1826)

Captain Barnwell

Captain Wedderburn's courtship

Captain Wedderburn's courtship to Lord Roslin's daughter

Catharine Ogie

Catherine Ogie

Charming young Nancy

Coalman's courtship to the creel-wife's daughter

Coalman's courtship to a creelwife's daughter (1)

Coalman's courtship to the creel-wife's daughter (1)

Coalman's courtship to the creel-wife's daughter (1840-1850)

Coalman's courtship to the creel-wife's daughter (Stirling)

Collection of popular songs (1)

Come under my plaidie (1819)

Constant lovers, or, Jemmy and Nancy of Yarmouth (1)

Constant swain

Constant swain (1)

Crazy Jane (1)

Cruel father, or, The loyal lover's downfal (1820)

Dainty Davie (1823)

Dinna think bonny lassie

Disappointed lover (1)

Distracted maids garland containing five now (sic) songs

Down the burn Davie

Duke of Gordon's daughters (1)

Duke of Gordon's daughters (1815-1825)

Duke of Gordon's daughters, and Captain Ogilvie

Duke of Gordon's three daughters (1840-1850)

Duke of Gordon's three daughters (1850-1860)

Duke of Gordon's three daughters (1870-1885)

Duke of Gordon's Three Daughters, to which are added, Mary I believ'd thee true and Prince Charlie

Duke of Montrose's garland, or, I'll never love thee more

Edwin and Emma (1)

Elegy upon the death of that famous and faithful minister and martyr Mr. James Renwick

Ewe-boughts Marion (1)

Excellent collection of popular songs (1815-1825)

Excellent new song, called The blae berries

Excellent new song, called, Wonderful admiration!

The Excellent Old Scots Song of the Blaeberry Courtship, to which is added, The Crook and Plaid

Famous history of the two unfortunate lovers

Famous history of the two unfortunate lovers, Hero & Leander (1840-1850)

Farmer's son or, The unfortunate lovers

Favorite new song, called Saucy Tibby, wi' her fifty mark

Female policy detected, or, The arts of designing women laid open

Five English popular songs

Five excellent love songs

Five excellent songs (1)

Five favourite songs (11)

Five popular songs (1)

Four excelent songs

Four excellent songs (1)

Frolicsome lady, or, The happy footman

Goldfinch (1)

Handsome Jolly Cobler and the Lovely Chambermaid, a Most Humorous Love Song

Henry Blyd's contract

Henry Blyth's contract

Herrin in sa't

History of Valentine and Orson (1)

Hodge of the mill, or, An old woman clothed in grey

I had a horse (1815-1825)

I had a horse (1820)

Injured fair (1)

Interpretation of dreams and moles

Jemmy and Nancy of Yarmouth, or The constant lovers

Jemmy and Nancy of Yarmouth, or, The constant lovers (1)

Jemmy and Nancy of Yarmouth, or, The constant lovers (1870-1885)

Jemmy and Nancy of Yarmouth, or, the constant lovers (1815-1820)

Jemmy and Nancy of Yarmouth, or, The constant lovers (1820)

Jenny lass, my bonny bird

Jenny's bawbee

Jovial tinker and the farmer's daughter

Kentshire tragedy, or, The constant lovers overthrow

Keys of love (1)

Keys of love (1790)

The King's Daughter

Lass of Ocram

Lass wi' the twa-handed wheel

Last May a braw wooer

Lay thy loof in mine lass

Lord Roslin's daughter (1)

Love songs

Lovely Jean (1)

Lovely Jean (2)

Magic pill, or, Davie and Bess

Magic pill, or, Davie and Bess (1831)

Maid & her barley

Margery Topping

The Melodist

Mistaken lady's garland, or, The squire cheated

Moorland Johnny

Mountains high. The Spotted Cow. And the Sailors Lamentation with the Merry Sailor

Musical garland

My boy Tammy

Netherton ball

New garland of choice songs

New letter writer, or, Polite correspondence, on friendship, business, courtship, love, and marriage

New mirror of love

New pease strae

New school of love (1)

New way of Johnny's grey-breeks (1)

New way of Oxter my laddie

New way of woo'd & marry'd & a'

North country lass

Now westlin winds

Old woman clothed in Gray

O tell me the way for to woo

Queen of the May

Rigs o' barley (1)

Rigs o' barley (1820)

Rocking of the cradle, or, Hushy-ba baby

Sailor's courtship

Sailor's courtship (1822)

Sally Gray

Select songs (1)

Seven excellent new songs

Seven favourite songs (1)

She's fair an' fause

Shepherd's daughter (1)

Shepherd's lament for the loss of his sweetheart

Six love songs (1)

Six popular songs (1)

Six popular songs (1840-1850)

Tam Glen (1)

Tam Glen (Stirling)

Tibby Fowler (1)

Three excellent and at present very fashionable songs

Three excellent new sons (sic)

Three excellent songs (1)

Three new songs

Tom and Polly

Tragical history of Crazy Jane, and young Henry

True lover's garland (1)

Twine weel the plaiden (1)

Two original songs (1)

Two excellent new songs (1)

Two sailors outwitted, or, Eggs and bacon

Two songs

Ungrateful Nanny

Way for to woo

Whole proceedings of Jocky and Maggy

Whole proceedings of Jockey and Maggy (1803)

Whole proceedings of Jockey and Maggy's courtship

Whole proceedings of Jocky & Maggy's courtship (1)

Whole proceedings of Jocky and Maggy's courtship with the great diversion that ensued at their bedding

Willy Rilly, or, The constant lovers

The Woodpecker (1825)

Yellow-hair'd laddie

Young Biechan, and Susie Pye

Young man's dream

Young squire's frolic


Battle of Drumclog

Battle of Philiphaugh

Covenanters' coronal

Fight at Bothwel-Bridge

Good news to Scotland (1)

History of John Brown of Priesthill

Life and prophecies, of Alexander Peden (1)

Life and prophecies of Mr Alex. Peden (1815-1825)

Life and prophecies of Mr. Alexr. Peden

Life and prophecies of Mr Donald Cargill

Life and prophecies of the Reverend Mr Alexander Peden

Life and wonderful prophecies of Donald Cargill (1)

Life of James Renwick

Narrative of the Battles of Drumclog, and Bothwell Bridge (1828)

Most strange and wonderful prophecy in the year 1684 (1)

Saints' duty in evil times (1)

Select collection No. XXVIII

Some remarkable passages of the life and death of Master Alexander Peden

Twenty remarkable passages in the life and prophecies of Mr Alexander Peden

Crime and Punishment[edit]

Babes in the Wood

Beautiful old ballad, of the babes in the wood

Beautiful old song of The babes in the wood

Dr. Pritchard turned into a pillar of salt

Excellent new song, called, The smugglers and the gaugers

Excellent old ballad of The babes in the wood

The History of Botany-Bay

History of James Allan

Life of David Haggart who was executed at Edinburgh, 18th July, 1821, for the murder of the Dumfries jailor

Life of David Haggart, who was executed at Edinburgh, 18th July, 1821, for the murder of the Dumfries jailor (1)

Life, transactions, & execution of Thomas Connor and Bell M'Menemy

List of all the criminals who have been executed in Glasgow for the last 62 years

List of all the criminals who have been executed in Glasgow for the last eighty-four years

New history of Botanybay (sic) and Port Jackson

Two babes in the wood (1)

Van Dieman's Land

Village curate (1840-1850)

Curiosities and Wonders[edit]

A description of the four parts of the world

Account of a dreadful hurricane which happened in the island of Jamaica, in the month of October, 1780

Account of a most surprising savage girl

Account of a most surprising savage girl, who was caught wild in the woods of Champagne, a province in France

Account of a most surprizing savage girl

Account of several remarkable earthquakes which have happened in various quarters of the world

Age and life of man, or, A short description of the natur (sic), rise, and fall, according to the twelve months of the year

Age and life of man, or, A short description of the nature, rise, and fall, according to the twelve months of the year

Aladdin, or, The wonderful lamp

Ancient and Modern History of the Russian Empire

Astonishing and delightful history of Jack and the giants

Awful phenomena of nature (1)

Awful phenomena of nature -- burning mountains

Awful phenomena of nature! earthquakes

Bessy Bell & Mary Gray (1)

Bessy Bell and Mary Gray (1816-1820)

Book of fate

Book of knowledge (1)

Buckingham wonder, or, The maiden's trance (1)

Card fortune-book

Collection of notable things worth knowing

Court lady's true and ingenious fortune-book (1)

Curious and compendious description of Borrowdale

Daniel O'Rourke's wonderful voyage to the moon (1)

Dead man's resurrection, or, The judge buried alive in his own cellar

Dear meal (1816-1831)

Entertaining story-teller

Fairy tales (1)

Famous history of the learned Friar Bacon

Four excellent old songs

Geographical description of Algiers and Tunis

Grand history on curious subjects, both entertaining and pleasant

Heliogabulus's magic tablets

History of Cinderella, or, The little glass slipper

History of Dr. Faustus (1)

History of Jack and the bean stalk

History of Jack and the giants (1800)

History of Jack the giant killer

History of the wicked life and horrid death of Dr John Faustus (Edinburgh)

History of the wicked life and horred (sic) death of Dr. John Faustus

History of the yellow dwarf

Hocus pocus, or, The whole art of legerdemain in perfection

Little book of knowledge, or, The country man's choice companion

Life and death of Tom Thumb, the little giant

Magic book, or, The whole art of ledgerdemain

Magic oracle, or, Conjuror's guide

Monthly scrap book, for February

Monthly scrap book, for January

Mother Bunch's golden fortune-teller

Mother goose's fairy tales (1817)

New fortune book, or, Conjurer's guide

New game at cards, or, A pack of cards changed into a compleat and perpetual almanack (1)

New hocus pocus

Partridge and Flamstead's new and well experienced fortune book

Proposals for original publications

Royal riddle book

Satan's warehouse door, or, Water Willie's new mode of purifying his hands

Spaewife, or, universal fortune teller

Stories of Prince Lupin

Storys of Prince Lupin

The Fables of Æsop, the celebrated ancient philosopher

True fortune teller

True fortune teller, or, Universal book of fate (1)

Village pestilence

Wanton wife of Bath

Wonderful and most astonishing account of Alexander Libanus

Wonderful and surprising history of Jack the giant-killer

Elegiac Poetry[edit]

Elegy on the much lamented death, of the Rev. Mr. Thomas Monteith

Elegy on the year eighty-eight

General Abercrombie's Elegy

Last guinea


Emigrant (1)

Full and true account, of the cruel sufferings of the passengers on board the brig Nancy bound for New-York

Her blue rollin e'e

Home, sweet home

Jim Crow

Sair sair was my heart (1)


Account of the executions in Scotland for the past 200 years

A correct account of the life, confession, and execution of Willm. Burke (1)

Bonny Gilderoy

Copy of a letter written by David M'Roberts to his wife two days before his execution

Execution and awful confession of Edward Robertson, and Matthew M'Queen

Interesting particulars of the last moments, and execution, of Moses M'Donald

Life, trial and execution, of Mary Thompson

The life of Richard Turpin

Life of Richard Turpin, a most notorious highwayman

Malefactor reformed, or, The life of Philip Parson, of Birmingham

Particular account of the murder of Mr Thos. Weare, the trial of John Thurtell and Joseph Hunt and the execution of J. Thurtell

Particular and impartial account, of what happened on the scaffold, at the execution of Colonel Marcus Despard, Thomas Broughton, John Francis, Arthur Graham, John MacNamara, John Wood, and J. Sedgwick Wratten, for high treason

True and genuine account of Murdoch Currie (1)


Hallow fair (1)

Hawthorn (1817)

Humours of Glasgow fair (1)

Jockie to the fair

'Twas on the morn of sweet May Day (1829)


Auld farmer's salutation to his auld mare Maggy, on giving her a ripp of corn, to Hansel in the New Year

The beggar girl

Bold dragoon

Bold mariners

Dick & Nell, or, Linky Lanky

Drowned mariner, or, The lowlands of Holland hath twin'd my love & me

Economical and complete housekeeper

Entertaining history of John Cheap the Chapman

Excellent new song called the farmer's glory

The Farmer

Fifty years shepherd, and fifty a king

Five sonsg (sic)

Forlorne damsel

Fortunate weaver's uprise, or, The landlady well pleased

The Galloway shepherds

History of John Cheap the chapman (1)

History of two brothers misfortunes

The horse of knowledge and his water box

Housekeeper and butler's guide, or, A system of cookery, and making of wines

Jones' address to a sovereign

Joys of the harvest

Kattie's answer to wabster Jock

The King and the Tinkler

Knight of Elle (3)

Ladies' amusements

Loss of the pack

Luckie plou'-boy

Maid milking her cow

Medical guide

Plowman's ditty

Pretty maid milking her cow

Sentimental reciter

Shepherd Lubin and his dog Tray

The Singers' companion

Stories of the two drovers and Countess of Exeter

Tarry woo

Tradesman's farewell

Twa weavers

Watchman (1802)

Weather-beaten sodger, or, the Burgo-Master of Venice

Religion and Morality[edit]

Cross of Christ the Christian's glory

Extraordinary deliverance of Elizabeth Shaw

History upon death or, The mirror of man's misery

Token for mourners, or, A sure guide to heaven and preparation for your latter-end

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