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Wikisource News
Overview of June 2010
by Billinghurst, 25 July 2010

Wikisource:Featured texts for June 2010[edit]

"Celtic Fairy Tales" Celtic folk-tales are also the oldest of the tales of modern European races; some of them occurring in the oldest Irish vellums. They include (1) fairy tales properly so-called—i.e., tales or anecdotes about fairies, hobgoblins, &c., told as natural occurrences; (2) hero-tales, stories of adventure told of national or mythical heroes; (3) folk-tales proper, describing marvellous adventures of otherwise unknown heroes, in which there is a defined plot and supernatural characters (speaking animals, giants, dwarfs, &c.); and finally (4) drolls, comic anecdotes of feats of stupidity or cunning:— Notes edited by Joseph Jacobs.

A Legend of Knockmany - Illustration 1.jpg
A Legend of Knockmany - Initial illustration.png
HAT Irish man, woman, or child has not heard of our renowned Hibernian Hercules, the great and glorious Fin M'Coul? Not one, from Cape Clear to the Giant's Causeway, nor from that back again to Cape Clear. And, by-the-way, speaking of the Giant's Causeway brings me at once to the beginning of my story. Well, it so happened that Fin and his men were all working at the Causeway, in order to make a bridge across to Scotland;
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Wikisource:Proofread of the Month for June 2010[edit]

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The current Proofread of the Month is

Persia  (1828)
by Frederick Shoberl.

Last month completed: Crainquebille, Putois, Riquet and other profitable tales
The next scheduled collaboration will begin in July.

Wikisource:Collaboration for June 2010[edit]

Collaboration of the Week

The current community collaboration is collecting works related to
British Museum.

Last collaboration: Charlotte Mason
The next scheduled collaboration will begin June 23rd.

Selection of new texts added in June[edit]

Address accompanying the Virginia Resolutions of 1798 (1798)

by Senate of Virginia

Ancient History (1914)

The French Revolution (1914)

Honoring the Distinguished Ethiopian Poet Laureate Tsegaye Gabre-Medhin (2006)

In Recognition of Dr. James Meier of the San Mateo Medical Center (2010)

John Stuart (1759-1815) (1900)

The Journeyings of Thorkill and of Eric the Far-Traveled (1919)

Lesbos (1869)

The Mole-Catcher

On the bearing of the Principle of Relativity on Gravitational Astronomy (1911)

Photography in public libraries (1899)

Recent Researches on Space, Time, and Force (1910)

Rollo H. Beck (1899)

United Nations Security Council Resolution 1918 (2010)