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Wikisource news (Style guide)
This page explains the style conventions for Wikisource News articles.


Page name[edit]

Stories should be categorised as Wikisource:News/year-month-day/story_title; for example, Wikisource:News/2006-03-04/Developers enforce email confirmation. The header template generates the displayed title from the subpage name.


Stories should contain the story header template at the very top. This template inserts the logo, an automatically generated title, and the authorship name and date. It also categorises the story to the relevant dated category.

 | author = Your username
 | date   = 2019-10-20

Wikisource News (articles)
Wikisource News
Style guide
by Pathoschild, 20 October 2019

See also and references[edit]

Relevant news stories, pages, and references should be placed at the bottom of the page under "See also" or "References" sections, as appropriate. If both are present, they should be grouped under "Notes". News stories (Wikisource News or other publishers) should be cited using {{cite news}} (see documentation).

Copy and paste code[edit]

  | author = Your_username
  | date   = {{subst:#time:Y-m-d}}

article text.

==See also==


Optional templates[edit]


If the article is written by a user who is the subject of an article, {{Wikisource:News/bias}} should be placed just above the article text.

This page was written by a subject of the news story, and may contain a biased point of view. All users are welcome to edit this page to improve the story or neutralize the point of view.

Related news stories[edit]

If the article is part of a series of article, {{Wikisource:News/related}} should be placed just under the header.

 |subject  = CheckUser on Wikisource
 |articles = 
* 30 March 2006: [[Wikisource:News/2006-03-30/Voting begins on two for CheckUser access|Voting begins on two for CheckUser access]]
* 19 April 2006: {{SUBPAGENAME}}
CheckUser on Wikisource