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The American Cyclopædia
The American Cyclopædia (1879)

Edition of 1879. See also the disclaimer.

1168405The American Cyclopædia — The American Cyclopædia (1879)



The articles of the 1879 edition of The American Cyclopædia were based upon the information available to the editors and contributors at the time of their original publication in the later 19th century. Changing circumstances and more recent research may have rendered this information obsolete or revealed it to be inaccurate, especially in the areas of science, law, and ethnology. Readers should bear this in mind when using the information.

Transcription errors


These articles are transcribed from the originals by volunteers, sometimes directly and sometimes by correcting a preliminary OCR conversion. While we strive for perfect accuracy, there may be transcription errors in the articles. In tables, the OCR text often has 8's where 3's are meant, and it can be hard to always catch this error.