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Project disclaimers

This page and its subpages are an archive of encyclopedia project-specific disclaimers.

Historically, for many encyclopedia projects on Wikisource, project-specific disclaimers have been added as a subpage to those projects, or to the WikiProject related to work on that encyclopedia. These project disclaimers are extensions of the Wikisource general disclaimer, making specifically known several issues such as trademark rights, factual accuracy issues, etc. Per a compromise decision made in a 2022 deletion vote for these disclaimers, the project disclaimers have been moved to subpages of this page.

New project disclaimers for works should not be created here. The old ones are being kept here for general historical/archiving purposes, and especially so that those who are linked to the disclaimers from across the web are not brought to a red link. The disclaimers have been argued to have a structural significance to the projects they were added to before, but there is no use for new ones now.

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