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WikiProject The New Church
This Project is dedicated to adding texts concerning The New Church or Swedenborgianism.
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Works by Emanuel Swedenborg regarding The New Church[edit]



Works by Miscellaneous Authors[edit]

Benjamin Fiske Barrett[edit]


Jonathan Bayley[edit]

John Stuart Bogg[edit]

William Bruce[edit]

George Bush[edit]

Richard De Charms[edit]

John Clowes[edit]

George Henry Dole[edit]

John Doughty[edit]

John Ellis[edit]

Chauncey Giles[edit]

The True and False Theory of Evolution (without source scan)

John Goddard[edit]

William Benjamin Hayden[edit]

Oliver Prescott Hiller[edit]

William Henry Holcombe[edit]

Henry James (1811-1882)[edit]

Lewis Pyle Mercer[edit]

Walter Brown Murray[edit]

Carl Theophilus Odhner[edit]

Julian Kennedy Smyth[edit]

Elias de la Roche Rendell[edit]

Edmund Hamilton Sears[edit]

Abiel Silver[edit]

Mary Greene Ware[edit]

James John Garth Wilkinson[edit]

Benjamin Worcester[edit]

John Worcester[edit]

External links to be added[edit]

The Spiritual Diary of Emmanuel Swedenborg[edit]

George Henry Dole[edit]

Warren Felt Evans[edit]

Chauncey Giles[edit]

Thomas A. King[edit]

Clarence Lathbury[edit]

Robert Rogers[edit]

Julian Kennedy Smyth[edit]

George Trobridge[edit]

William White[edit]

James John Garth Wilkinson[edit]