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WikiProject Wiki Bible Frequently Asked Questions
This page collates answers to commons questions. Please also see here for current discussion.

The "World English Bible" project provides an excellent FAQ that answers many questions that readers may have about the "Wiki Bible" project.

Why another translation?[edit]

A good answer to this question has been provided by WEB.

Why donate it to the public domain?[edit]

A good answer to this question has been provided by WEB.

Why yet another public domain translation[edit]

This project was initiated in November 2005 (see History), eight years after the World English Bible began in 1997. This project was the first to use a Wiki to create a collaborative translation of the Bible.

How is this project different to the PBwiki project?[edit]

The "PBwiki Bible" project was launched in October 2007. The Wiki is configured so that participation is not possible without an invite from the project owner, Doc Burkhart, and authorship of revisions does not appear to be tracked.[1]

A list of "All Pages" shows a number of passages that they have not commenced. Whereas, our project includes works such as 1 Corinthians. The PBwiki project also contains other sources, such as Abraham Lincoln Day of Prayer Proclamation, April 30, 1863, and essays such as "The ACLU 42–Christians 3".

Why not the GFDL?[edit]

This answer needs more definition.

Because there are still a lot of problems with the GNU Free Documentation License it was decided by the early translators that, unlike standard WikiSource articles only available under GNU FDL, this project is available in the Public Domain.

Why use a wiki?[edit]

Two papers written by A. Désilets describe the benefits of using a wiki for collaborative translation:

What sources are being used?[edit]

Each contributor is free to use the sources that are available to them, however every contributor must inform the project which sources are being used for each "claimed" translation portion.

Where there are weaknesses in the sources used for a portion, other contributors with different sources will highlight these as required.