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WikiProject Wiki Bible Stages
This document is not finalised.


  1. Create the foundation, producing reasonable text for all books. It will provide us with a text that is ready to re-used.
  2. All books reviewed, with notes and a to-do list created on the discussion page. The objective of this stage is that people who are re-using the text completed in stage one should have notes that they can read to determine how "reasonable" the text is that they are using. More people will feel comfortable re-using the text if they can see the major problems have been identified.
  3. Building consensus on how the difficult aspects of the translation will be resolved. i.e. writing policies and guidelines are in place, and people are happy that they will be roughly sufficient to produce a good text.
  4. Polishing off the text based on the guidelines.

As it is a wiki, some parts will be at advanced stages before the entire text has reached stage 1.