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DORTCH, Miss Ellen J., newspaper editor and publisher, was born in Georgia, 25th January, 1868. She is descended from Virginia families on both sides, and her ancestors have figured conspicuously in affairs of state. Her father, James S. Dortch, who died in August, 1891, was for a quarter of a century a prominent lawyer. Miss Dortch received a thorough education, which, with her progressive and enterprising spirit, has enabled her to take high rank as a journalist She became the owner and editor of the Camesville, Ga., "Tribune" in 1888, when the establishment consisted of one-hundred-fifty pounds of long primer type, mostly in "pi," a few cases of worn adverting type and a subscription book whose credit column had been conscientiously neglected. Now the old presses and worn type are replaced by new and improved ones, and the circulation of the paper has increased to thousands, and the energetic, spirited woman who has heen typo, editor and business manager, who has solicited and canvassed the district for subscribers, because she wasn't able to hire any one to do it for her, has the satisfaction of seeing her efforts crowned with a full measure of success. Beginning the work when only seventeen years old, she has fought the boycotters and Alliance opponents and overcome the southern prejudice against women who use their brain in making their way in the world. After working for two years, she went to Baltimore, Md., where she studied or two years in the Notre Dame school. She resumed her work on the "Tribune" in June, 1890.