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EVA CRAIG GRAVES DOUGHTY..jpgEVA CRAIG GRAVES DOUGHTY. DOUGHTY. Mrs. Eva Craig Graves, journalist, born in Warsaw, Ky., 1st December, 1852. Her father. Judge Lorenzo Graves, was a politician and an able lawyer. Her mother was Virginia Hampton-Graves. Mrs. Doughty was educated in Oxford Female College, Oxford, Ohio, leaving her Kentucky home during the war years from 1860 to 1864, which years she passed in the college with her two other sisters. Prior to that she had been taught by private tutors. After a four-year course in Oxford, she entered the Academy of the Most Holy Rosary, in Louisville, Ky., conducted by sisters of the Dominican order, where she studied nearly three years, and left just two months before she would have been graduated, to accompany a sister, whose husband was in the regular army, to a frontier post. On 24th May, 1874. she became the wife of John R. Doughty, then editor and proprietor of the Mt Pleasant, Mich., "Enterprise. She was at once installed as associate editor with her husband. Mrs. Doughty did regular newspaper work on that paper for fourteen years, keeping the office hours and doing anything connected with the office work, from proof-reading and type-setting to writing for any department of the paper where "copy" was called for. Subsequently Mr. Doughty sold the "Enterprise" and for three years engaged in business in Grand Rapids. Mich., where the family removed. There Mrs. Doughty engaged in public work. She was elected president of the Grand Rapids Equal Suffrage Association, which position she resigned when the family removed to Gladwin, Mich. While in Grand Rapids Mrs. Doughty, Mrs. Etta S. Wilson, of the "Telegram- Herald." and Mrs Fleming, connected with the "Leader," held the first meeting and planned the organization of the Michigan Women's Press Association, of which Mrs. Doughty has remained an active member. In 1890 Mr. Doughty commenced the publication of the "Leader" in Gladwin, being the founder and owner of the plant. She was regularly engaged on that paper. Besides this she has ever been an active member of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, having been secretary of the Eighth Congressional District for four years. She also belongs to the Good Templars and the Royal Templars. She has always engaged actively in Sunday-school work and is a member of the Presbyterian Church. She is a member of Golden Rod Lodge, Daughters of Rebecca. In addition to general newspaper work, Mrs. Doughty has been the special correspondent of several city daily papers and was for some time a contributor to the "Sunny South," writing short stories, sketches and an occasional poem. For several years she was the secretary of the Mt. Pleasant Library. Literary and Musical Association, an organization of which she was one of the founders. Having sold the Gladwin "Leader" in January. 1892, Mr. and Mrs. Doughty bought the "Post," of Port Austin. Mich., in May of the same year, and Mrs. Doughty is now engaged daily as assistant editor of that paper. She has three children, two sons and a daughter.