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H. MARIA GEORGE COLBY.jpgH. MARIA GEORGE COLBY. COLBY. Mrs. H. Maria George, author, born in Warner. N. H.. 1st October, 1844. She is the daughter of GilmanC. and Nancy B. George and the wife of Frederick Myron Colby. She is of English descent on both sides of the family and inherits literary talents from ancestors connected with Daniel Webster of the present century, and on the George side from families whose coat-of-arms dates back to the days of ancient chivalry Her literary work was the writing of novelettes. Later she wrote Considerably for juvenile publications, and she is an acknowledged authority upon domestic topics. Circumstances have rendered it impossible for Mrs. Colb) lo give her whole time to literary work, but her articles have appeared in the "Housewife," the " Housekeeper, the " House-keeper's Weekly," the "Christian at Work," "Demorest's Monthly Magazine," "Arthur's Home Magazine." "Youth's Companion," the "Congregationalist." the Portland "Transcript." "Ladles' World," "Good Cheer," the Philadelphia 'Tress" the Chicago "Ledger," the "Golden Rule, "the "Household," "Good Housekeeping" and "St. Nicholas." She was for live years fashion-editor of the "Household." Though naturally fond of society, delicate health and a desire to give her first energies and talents to her literary work have rendered her somewhat retiring. She has made use of various pen-names, but is best known to editors and the public by her maiden name. H. Maria George. A stanch advocate of temperance and equal rights for both sexes, she furthers these as well as every other good work by her pen. Her home is in Warner. N. H.