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COLBY, Miss Sarah A., physician, born in Sanbornton, N. H., 31st May, 1824. She is one of eight children, of whom two survive, herself and a sister. Dr. Esther W. Taylor, of Boston, Mass. Dr. Colby was educated in the public schools of her native town and the academy in Sanbornton Square. After leaving school she taught for some time, but failing health compelled her to give up that work. She returned to her home and remained there until her health was improved. During her illness she realized the great need of women physicians, and she became much interested in Studying to meet the exigencies of her own condition. After becoming much improved in health she went to Lowell, Mass., where she opened a variety and fancy goods store, continuing the study of medicine and prescribing for many who called upon her. Concluding to make the practice of medicine her life work, she sold out her store and, after preparing herself more fully, located for practice in Manchester, N. H., where she was received by the public and by some of the physicians with great cordiality. Dr. Colby gained a large and lucrative practice, which kept her there nine years, when, desiring a larger field, she removed to Boston, Mass. One object of her removal was to give her whole attention to gynaecology; that she accomplished to a great extent. Dr. Colby was one of the first women physicians in Boston, and she did a remarkable work there. She has been called to meet in consultation, in the large cities of New England, some of the most scientific men physicians of the age, from whom she received every SARAH A. COLBY.jpgSARAH A. COLBY. courtesy. In the first fifteen years of her professonal experience she was eclectic in practice, but after her sister entered the Hahnemann Medical College of Chicago, she took up the study of medicine of that school, and for fifteen years that has ben her mode of treatment, in which she has been very successful. She is still in practice, though her health does not permit her to give her entire time to professional duties.