Yawcob Strauss and Other Poems/He Gets Dhere Shust Dek Same!

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Yawcob Strauss 1910-124.png

Oldt AEsop wrote a fable, vonce,

Aboudt a boasting hare Who say : "Vhen dhere vas racing

You can alvays find me dhere!" Und how a tortoise raced init him,

Und shtopped hees leedle game. Und say : "Eef I don'd been so shpry,

I gets dhere shust der same!"

Dot vas der cases eferyvhere;

In bolidics und trade, By bersbiration off der brow

Vas how soocksess vas made. A man may somedime "shdrike id rich,"

Und get renown und fame, Budt dot bersbiration feller, too,

He gets dhere shust der same.

Der girl dot makes goot beeskits,

Und can vash und iron dings, Maybe don'd been so lofely

As dot girl mit dimondt rings; Budt vhen a vife vas vanted

Who vas id dot's to blame Eef dot girl mitoudt der shewels

Should get dhere shust der same?

Dot schap dot leafes hees peesnis, Und hangs roundt "Bucket Shops,"

To make den tollars oudt off von, Vhen grain und oil shtock drops;

May go avay vrom dhere, soinedimes, Mooch poorer as he came.

"Der mills off God grind shlowly"— Budt dhey get dhere shust der same.

Dhen neffer mindt dhose mushroom schaps

Dot shpring oup in a day; Dhose repudations dhey vas made

By vork, und not by blay. Shust poot your shoulder to der vheel,

Eef you vould vin a name, Und eef der "Vhite House needs you —

You vill get dhere shust der same.