Yawcob Strauss and Other Poems

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Yawcob Strauss and Other Poems, Charles Follen Adams (1910)

Yawcob Strauss.
A Highly-Colored Romance.
To Bary Jade.
The Puzzled Dutchman.
L-E-G on a Mule.
Pat's Criticism.
Ravenous Bill.
Shonny Schwartz.
A Tale of a Nose.
To a Dressmaker.
Yankee Shrewdness.
Der Drummer.
Fritz Und I.
Yaw, Dot Ish So!
Little Tim's Revenge.
Dot Baby Off Mine.
John Barley-Corn, My Foe.
Hans and Fritz.
Sequel to the "One-Horse Shay."
Prevalent Poetry.
Zwei Lager.
A Tough Customer.
Dot Poodle Dog.
Misplaced Sympathy.
Vot I Like Und Don'd Like.
The Widow Malone's Pig.
A Trapper's Story.
Johnny Judkins.
The Lost Pet.
Mine Vamily.
Dot Leedle Loweeza.
"Don'd Feel Too Big!"
Mine Moder-in-Law.
Der Shpider Und Der Fly.
Mine Schildhood.
Der Vater-Mill.
Der Oak Und Der Vine.
Mine Shildren.
Der Deutscher's Maxim.
"Cut, Cut Behind!"
A Zoological Romance.
The Young Tramp.
Mother's Doughnuts.
He Didn't Understand.
The Butcher's Courtship.
My Infundibuliform Hat.
The Little Conqueror.
Mine Katrine.
Yawcob's Dribdlations.
Vas Marriage a Failure?
Dee Coming Man.
"No Shildren In Der House."
He Gets Dhere Shust Dek Same!
Dot Long-Handled Dippee.
The Tell-Tale Mirror.
He Took a Header.
Versified Puns.

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