Young Christian's first lesson-book/Lesson One

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Firſt Leſſon-Book.


Of our own Nature and its chief glory and happineſs.

NOW for a while aſide I'll lay
My childiſh trifles and my play,
And call my thoughts, which rove abroad,
To view myſelf, and view my God:
I'll look within, that I may ſee
What I now am, what I muſt be.

I am the Creature of the Lord;
He made me by his pow'rful word:
This body in each curious part.
Was wrought by his unfailing art;
From him my nobler ſpirit came,
My ſoul a ſpark of heavenly flame:
That ſoul, by which my body lives,
Which thinks, and hopes and joys and grieves,
And muſt in heaven or hell remain,
When fleſh is turn'd to duſt again.

What buſineſs then ſhould I attend?
Or what eſteem my noble end?
Sure it conſiſts in this alone,
That God my Maker may be known;
So known that I may love him full,
And form my actions by his will;
That he may bless me whilſt I live,
And when I die, my ſoul receive,
To dwell for ever in his fight,
In perfect knowledge and delight.

This work was published before January 1, 1925, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.