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Zoological Illustrations Volume II Plate 101.jpg

PAPILIO Evander.

Generic Character.—See Pl. 92.

Specific Character.

Pap. (Tro. dent.) Alis dentatis, nigris; posticis suprà maculis quinque violaceo-chermesinis; anticis subtùs fasciâ albidâ, transversâ, mediâ. Godart.
Pap. (Tro. dent.) Wings dentated, black; posterior above with a five-cleft, violet-crimson spot; anterior beneath with a transverse, central, whitish band.
P. Evander. Godart, En. Meth. vol. ix. p. 32. no. 18.

Both sexes of this newly described insect are here, for the first time, figured; that above is of the male, and beneath is represented the under side of the female. The crimson spots (which finely relieve the brownish velvet-like black on the upper surface of the wings) are, in some lights, most beautifully glossed with changeable violet, and appear either darker or paler according to the position in which the insect is viewed.

Southern Brazil is, undoubtedly, more rich in this splendid family than the northern provinces of that vast country. I never saw this species except in Rio Janeiro, where it is common: nor do I know of any other, belonging to the division of Trojani, which have the lower wings sharply dentated, and with an appearance of obsolete acute tails; a character more developed in the female of this species than in the male.