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Zoological Illustrations Volume II Plate 102.jpg


Generic Character.—See Pl. 92.

Specific Character.

P. (Troj. orb.) Alis immaculatis fuscis, inferis orbiculatis, ecaudatis; fronte, strigâ laterali subthoracicâ anoque rubris.
P. (Troj. orb.) Wings immaculate, brown; lower orbicular, not tailed; front, lateral stripe on the thorax beneath, and tip of the body red.

The colours of this insect are unusually sombre, and present a striking contrast to the gaudy tints by which the majority of these gay creatures are ornamented; it is so far remarkable, but it is more interesting to the entomologist, as being an unpublished addition to this genus. It was discovered in Java by Dr. Horsfield; and the drawing was made from an unique specimen which I observed while engaged in a long and laborious arrangement of the Linnæan Papilionidæ, (as they now appear at the India House,) collected by that zealous naturalist for the India Company.

Between the nerves of the anterior wings (which are remarkably large) are parallel central stripes, of a darker brown; a character common to many Indian species, but not found, I believe, in any of those from the New World.