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Zoological Illustrations Volume II Plate 94.jpg

PAPILIO Torquatus.

Specific Character.

P. (G. Caud.) alis atris; anticis fasciis duabus, posticis disco lunulisque marginalibus, flavis: his caudatis, punctorum rubrorum strigâ intermediâ.—Godart.
P. (G. Caud.) Wings black; two bands on the anterior wings, and marginal lunules on the posterior, yellow; lower wings with obtuse tails, and a row of red dots between the nerves.
P. Torquatus. Cramer, pl. 177. fig. a. b. Godart. En. Meth. v. 9. p. 62.

It is singular that Fabricius appears to have overlooked this species, sufficiently well figured by Cramer to point out its leading characters, though very inferior to the beauty of the insect. M. Godart has, however, recorded it in his account of this superb genus in the Encyclopédie Méthodique; and the minute and clear descriptions which this able entomologist has given throughout that work, merit the highest eulogium. Our own figures will, however, render a detailed description in this place unnecessary.

M. Godart says, this insect is found both in Guiana and Brazil. In the latter country, I met with it only in the province of Rio de Janeiro, where it is common.