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Zoological Illustrations Volume III Plate 136.jpg


'Thick Apple Snail,

Upper and lower figures.

Generic Character.—See Pl. 103.

Specific Character.

A. testâ globosâ, lævi, (sub epidermide) albâ, fasciis fuscis ornatâ; spiræ levatæ apice obtuso; aperturæ margine albo, crasso; umbilico caret.
Shell globose, smooth, beneath the epidermis white with brown bands; spire elevated, tip obtuse; margin of the aperture thick, white; umbilicus none.
Martini 9. t. 128. f. 1135.

A distinct species, well characterised by the absence of the umbilicus, the situation of which is indicated only by a slight depression: the margin of the aperture all round is thickened, and white; but, from no groove being discernible, I suspect the operculum may be horny. The only specimen I have, is divested of the epidermis; it is obviously an old shell; and appears to agree with the figure of Martini, also taken from an uncoated specimen.


Oblong Apple Snail

A. testâ oblonga, lævi, tenui, fuscâ; spirâ levatâ, crassâ, obtusâ; aperturæ elongatæ basi contractâ; umbilico vix obsoleto.
Shell oblong, smooth, thin, brown; spire elevated, thick, obtuse; aperture lengthened, base contracted; umbilicus nearly obsolete.

A rare, and undescribed shell, presenting a singular deviation from the general globose form of the Ampullariæ. The inner lip is wanting on the upper part of the aperture, and on the lower is thin, white, and reflected over the umbilicus, which is nearly obsolete.

Both these shells were in the late Mrs. Bligh's collection, without any habitat being affixed to them.