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Zoological Illustrations Volume III Plate 137.jpg

PAPILIO Polybius.

Generic Character.—See Pl. 92.

Specific Character.

P. alis nigris; anticis maculo albo centrali; posticis dentato-caudatis maculo rubro centrali nervis diviso; abdomine strigâ laterali; thorace punctis flavis subtùs, ornatis.
P. (Tr. caud.) wings black; anterior with a central spot of white; posterior dentated and tailed, with a central red spot, divided by the nerves; stripe on each side the abdomen and spots on the thorax beneath, yellow.

An insect neither described nor figured by any author. To my liberal friend, Dr. Langsdorff, I am indebted for the two specimens in my own cabinet, collected by himself in the interior of Minas Geraes, or the Diamond district of Brazil. I am not aware of the insect having been found in any other part of that vast country.

An unusual character is presented in this species, alone sufficient to distinguish it from any other contained in the division to which it belongs. This consists in the thorax beneath being spotted with yellow, and the body, on each side of the under surface, having a narrow yellow stripe; the basal margin of the inferior wings is also yellow. Strictly speaking, these yellow spots would remove it from the section Trojani, but it would then be improperly separated from P. Lysithoüs, Agavus, and others to which it is, in every respect, closely allied.