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Zoological Illustrations Volume III Plate 154.jpg

PSITTACUS Malaccensis,

Blue-rumped Parrot.

Generic Character.—See Pl. 1.

Specific Character.

P. viridis; vertice uropygioque nitidè cæruleis; tectricibus interioribus, corporisque lateribus coccineis; caudâ flavescente; rostro magno, dentato.
Green; crown and rump sapphire blue; inner wing covers and sides of the body crimson; tail yellowish; bill large, toothed.
P. Malaccensis. General Zoology, vol. 8. 2. p. 554.
Blue-rumped Parrakeet. Lath. Syn. Sup. 1. p. 66.

I think this may be the bird described (according to Latham) by Sonnerat, under the name of Petite perruche de Malacca, and from which both Latham and Shaw have framed their account of the Blue-rumped Parrot. On comparing their descriptions with the following, some differences and omissions will be found, but not sufficient, I think, to justify the idea of this being a distinct species: I have, as yet, seen only one specimen (and that not perfect) of this rare and little known bird.

Total length six inches; bill unusually large and strong, being three quarters of an inch (in a straight line) long, and nearly the same in height at the base; upper mandible with a sharp tooth in the middle, and reddish orange; under mandible violet grey; front and crown of the head violet blue, changing to blackish green on the back, and greyish green on the sides of the head, neck, and breast; body and vent green; rump and upper tail covers vivid azure blue; spurious wings greenish blue; wing covers dark but bright green, margined more or less with yellowish; quills blue green, their inner webs black; under wing covers and sides of the body crimson; tail short, even, the two middle feathers above green, the rest yellow with green edges and black shafts; beneath, these feathers are all yellow, the shafts white; the wings, for the size of the bird, are very long, measuring four inches and a half.