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Zoological Illustrations Volume III Plate 155.jpg

PSITTACUS viridissimus,

Green Parrot.

Generic Character.—See Pl. 1.

Specific Character.

P. pallidè viridis; pennis infrà nitidè thalassinis; tegminum, remigum, scapulariumque marginibus flavescentibus; lineâ ante-oculari flavâ; rectricium basi rubrâ.
Pale green, quills beneath changeable sea-green; wing covers, quills and scapulars margined with yellowish; before the eye a yellow line; base of the tail feathers red.

The uniform green which pervades the plumage of this Parrot, induces me to think it may, possibly, be the female of some other species; a few pale red feathers, close to the axilla, and the faint red on the tail feathers, appear to strengthen this supposition. Among those species which are recorded, this approaches nearest to Latham's Green Parrakeet; but the figure this writer quotes, (Pl. Enl. 837.) is at variance both with his description, and with the bird now before us; it may, therefore, be considered as undescribed.

Total length nine inches; bill pale; upper mandible three-quarters of an inch long, the margin undulated. The whole plumage is of a beautiful and delicate green, darkest above; with a tinge of blue on the crown, spurious wings, and greater quills; the orbits are naked, between which and the eye is a blackish line, bordered above by another of pure yellow; all the wing covers and quills are margined with yellowish. The colour of the inferior side of the quills is a pale but beautiful blue green, reflecting brighter tints of the same colour, when held in certain lights; the under side of the tail has likewise these reflections, but above is yellowish, with a dusky red spot at the base of each lateral feather: under the wings there are three or four dull red feathers; feet pale.

This bird is in my own collection, and is the only one I have as yet seen; neither am I acquainted with its native country.