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22Chang Ch'ang-tsung 張昌宗 (H. 六郎). Died A.D. 705. A handsome young man, who was introduced into the palace by the T'ai-p'ing Princess and became a great favourite with the Empress Wu Hou. He and his brother Chang I-chih were made free of the palace; and to crown the extravagant treatment they received from the Empress, they were both ennobled as Dukes. During her long illness they alone had access to her, and gradually monopolised the government, successfully resisting all the attacks of their enemies. At length, when he believed that the Empress was at the point of death, Chang Ch'ang-tsung began to make preparations for a coup d'état. The plot however was discovered by Chang Chien-chih; and on his way to greet the Heir Apparent at the restoration of the Emperor Chung Tsung, he seized both the brothers and put them to death.