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CUSHION DANCE (i.e. possibly 'kissing-dance'). An old English dance, dating from the beginning of the 16th century—especially used at weddings. The curious old melody is as follows:—

{ \time 3/4 \key g \minor \relative g' { \repeat volta 2 {g4 d' c b4. c8 a4 g g d g2. } \time 6/4 g2 d'4 d2 c4 d4. ees8 d4 c2 a4 bes2 bes4 c4. d8 bes4 | a2 g4 g2 \repeat volta 2 { a4 bes4. c8 bes4 f2 f4 g4. a8 g4 d2 d4 | bes'2 bes4 c4. d8 bes4 a2 g4 g2 } } }
[App. p.602 "Omit the words (i. e. possibly 'kissing-dance'). The false derivation was probably suggested by some too ingenious German, and rose from the similarity of the words Kissen and Küssen. A full description of the dance is given in the Harmonicon, vol. ix. 191."]

[ E. P. ]