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CORIHOR. A Jaredite prince, the son of Kib, and grandson of Orihah, the first king of that race. He was the first who raised the standard of revolt and caused war and bloodshed in the midst of that people; for when Corihor was 32 years old he rebelled against his father, and went from Moron and established himself in the land of Nehor. There he drew many to him; when strong enough he invaded the land of Moron, took the king, his father, captive and reigned in his stead. After many years, Shule, a son born to Kib while in captivity, drove Corihor from the throne and replaced their father thereon. After this, Corihor appears to have been loyal to his father and to his brother Shule, who succeeded Kib. For this devotion Corihor was placed in authority in the nation; but one of his sons, named Noah, proved a traitor, and rose in rebellion against Shule and Corihor, and eventually obtained possession of the kingdom.