A Dictionary of the Book of Mormon/Kib

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KIB. The second king of the Jaredites. He was the son of Orihah, and grandson of Jared. He was born in his father's old age, and succeeded him on the throne. Among Kib's sons was one named Corihor, who, when he was thirty-two years old rebelled against his father and drew many people after him. He first established himself in the land of Nehor, and when strong enough came against Kib in the land of Moron, which Moron was near the land called Desolation, by the Nephites. Having taken his father prisoner, Corihor hold him in captivity for many years. In his old age Kib begat Shule, who when grown to manhood, overthrew Corihor and replaced his father on the throne. His father having then arrived at an exceedingly great age resigned the kingdom to Shule, who reigned in his stead.