A Dictionary of the Book of Mormon/Omer

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OMER. A righteous, but unfortunate king of the early Jaredites. He was the son of Shule, and the father of a prince named Jared. Jared rebelled against his father and by his flatteries led away the people of half the kingdom. He then gave battle to his father and took him prisoner, holding him in servitude half his days. While thus in bondage Omer begat several children, among whom were two sons, named Esrom and Coriantumr. When these young men grew to manhood they espoused the cause of their father, raised an army, attacked the forces of Jared by night, and utterly routed them. Jared obtained his life by renouncing his rights to the throne, and Omer was reinstated in the kingly authority. Jared, greatly chagrined at the loss of the royal power, entered into secret combination with Akish, a friend of Omer, to assassinate the king and restore Jared to the throne. Their attempt was partially successful. Omer was driven from the throne, but, being warned by the Lord in a dream, he fled, with the faithful portion of his family, to the far off North Atlantic sea-board, passing in his journey the hill Shim, where the Nephite records were in after ages hid, and the hill Cumorah. From the direction of his journey we are justified in believing that the land Ablom, where he established himself, was on the New England coast. From time to time, others joined Omer, while the Jaredite people were rent by internecine wars, which ended in their almost entire destruction. Then Omer returned with his followers and reigned over the remnant of a once numerous people. He lived to be exceedingly old, and two years before his death he anointed his son Emer to reign in his stead. His days were many and full of sorrow.