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A Field Book of the Stars/Columba

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COLUMBA NOACHI (co-lum'-bä nō-ä'-ki)—NOAH'S DOVE. (Face South.)

Location.—Columba is situated just south of Lepus. A line drawn from Rigel, in Orion, to (β) Leporis, and prolonged as far again, ends near (α) and (β), the two brightest stars in Columba.

A line drawn from the easternmost star in the belt of Orion, 32 degrees directly south, will point out Phaet, in Columba. It makes with Sirius, in Canis Major, and Naos, in the Ship, a large equilateral triangle.

The star (β) Columbæ may be known by means of a smaller star just east of it, marked (γ).

With binoculars a rude rectangle can be seen. Its position is traced in dotted lines on the diagram.

Columba Noachi-Fieldbook of Stars-125.png