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M‘MILLAN. (Lieut., 1810. f-p., 20; h-p., 36.)

Allan M‘Millan entered the Navy, 25 Sept. 1791, as a Boy, on board the Bedford 74, Capt. Sir Andw. Snape Hamond, in which ship, with the exception of an interval between Nov. 1795 and Jan. 1797, he continued to serve, under Capts. Robt. Mann, Davidge Gould, Augustus Montgomery, and Sir Thos. Byard, on the Home and Mediterranean stations, until May, 1798 – latterly in the capacity of Midshipman. He was in consequence present in 1795 in Hotham’s partial actions, and in company with the Censeur 74, when that ship was taken by a French squadron under M. Richery. On finally leaving the Bedford, he joined the Foudroyant 80, bearing the successive flags of Lords Nelson and Keith, and commanded, among other Captains, by Sir Edw. Berry, under whom, while at the blockade of Malta, he assisted at the 'capture, 18 Feb. 1800, of Le Généreux 74 and Ville de Marseilles' armed store-ship, and, 31 March following, after a desperate conflict in which the Foudroyant (in company at the time with the Lion 64 and Penelope 36) sustained a loss of 8 men killed and 64 wounded, of Le Guillaume Tell, of 84 guns and 1000 men, bearing the flag of Rear-Admiral Decrès. Continuing in the same ship until the peace of Amiens, Mr. M‘Millan was afforded an opportunity of sharing in the operations in Egypt in 1801. Between Feb. 1803 and the date of his official promotion, 31 Oct. 1810, he served, occasionally as Acting-Lieutenant, in 13 different ships, under various distinguished officers, on the Home and Baltic stations – commanding during that period the Convulsion mortar-vessel, off Boulogne, for nearly 12 months in 1805-6, and accompanying, in the Skylark sloop, Capt. Jas. Boxer, the expedition to the Walcheren in 1809. His last appointments were – 12 Jan. 1811, for nine months, to the Scylla 16, Capt. Arthur Atchison, attached to the force in the Channel – and, 20 April, 1812, to the Calliope 10, Capt. John M‘Kerlie. In that vessel, which he left in Jan. 1814, Lieut. M‘Millan was actively employed off Flushing, Heligoland, and the German rivers.