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M‘MURDO. (Commander, 1843. f-p., 17; h-p., 6.)

Archibald M‘Murdo, born 24 Sept. 1812, is son of Lieut.-Colonel M‘Murdo, who lost his eyesight, and in the end his life, from the effects of a wound received in action in the West Indies.

This offtcer entered the Navy, 6 Oct. 1824, as Fst.-cl. Vol., on board the Pylades 18, Capts. Fras. Fead, Geo. Vernon Jackson, and John Leith, stationed in the West Indies, where he removed, in Sept. 1825, to the Bellette 18, Capt. Chas. Croker. After serving for nearly two years at home, as Midshipman of the Superb and Melville 74’s, both commanded by Capt. Henry Hill, and Britomart 10, Capt. Russell Henry Manners, he proceeded in 1828 to the Mediterranean in the Blonde 46, Capt. Edm. Lyons, under whom, in Oct. of that year, he co-operated in the reduction of Morea Castle, the last hold of the Turks in the Peloponnesus. He had been previously employed at the blockade of Navarin. The Blonde being put out of commission in June, 1831, Mr. M‘Murdo (who had passed his examination in the preceding Nov.) was appointed Mate, a few months afterwards, of the Alligator 28, Capt. Geo. Robt. Lambert, and ordered to the East Indies, whence he returned home and was paid off in Aug. 1835. For the services he had during that period performed in recovering the crew of a wrecked whaler from the natives of New Zealand, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant 15 Feb. 1836. His succeeding appointments were – 23 May, 1836, to the Terror bomb, Capt. Geo. Back, whom he accompanied on a disastrous voyage of discovery to the northward of Charles Island, in Hudson’s Bay, returning to England in the autumn of 1837 – 2 Feb. 1838, to the Volage 28, Capt. Henry Smith, from which vessel, on her arrival in the East Indies, his health obliged him to invalid, 27 Oct. in the same year – and, 23 Aug. 1839, again, as First-Lieutenant, to the Terror, Capt. Fras. Rawdon Moira Crozier, fitting for an explorative mission to the Antarctic regions, where he remained until illness compelled him to return in Aug. 1842. He was advanced, in consequence, to his present rank, 4 Oct. 1843; and since 11 June, 1846, has been in command of the Contest 12, on the coast of Africa. Agents – Messrs. Chard.