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M‘NAGHTEN. (Lieutenant, 1845.)

Alexander M‘Naghten passed his examination 6 Sept. 1837; and served as Mate, on the East India, Mediterranean, and Home stations, in the Blenheim 72, Capt. Sir Humphrey Fleming Senhouse, Formidable 84, Capts. Sir Chas. Sullivan and Geo. Fred, Rich (flag-ship for some time of Sir Edw. W. C. R. Owen), Waterwitch 10, Capt. Thos. Fras. Birch, and Superb 80, Capt. Armar Lowry Corry. He obtained his commission 1 Sept. 1845; and since 8 of the following Oct. has been serving in North America and the West Indies in the Alarm 26, Capts. Chas. Colville Frankland and Granville Gower Loch.