An Anthology of Modern Bohemian Poetry/Moravian Landscape

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The dust trails on the lonely road,
In heavy accents crenks the dray;
The black-maned horses drag their load,
At tardy pace upon their way.

Upon the white, unending track,
The drowsy carrier casts his gaze;
Miles lie before and miles lie back,
Tree and post are steeped in haze.

Poplar after poplar straying,
Pear-tree, apple-tree, and plane;
Summer-heat o'er meadow playing,
The corn-field rustles, rich in grain.

Strings of the mighty lyre to hear,
The quivering air upon them floats;
As in the country far and near,
From other worlds were borne their notes.

Is any nigh, their song to heed?
The carrier nods, in calm and peace;
'Mid sweltering heat the shoots bear seed—
Can ought here from its slumber cease?


"A Vintage" (1911).