An Anthology of Modern Bohemian Poetry/Music

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For works with similar titles, see Music.

Karel Šelepa (b. 1885).




Lo, a sonata is a flower enchanted,
That from a silver vase in Heaven blooms,
In azure nights, amid deep slumber planted,
When to the sky an opening easement looms.

A prelude is the mystic music played,
By angels 'mid the trees when dusk is nigh,
To those who girt by life and gloom have strayed,
To those, who in the even homewards hie.

Andante is the sweetness of returning
To the dim home, by apple-trees o'erspread;
My mother in her resting-place; soft yearning
From her dead lips and from her brow is shed.


"The Evening of the Soul" (1905).