An Anthology of Modern Bohemian Poetry/My Deity

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Otakar Auředníček (b. 1868).




(To Sessan.)


I would before thy bosom's shrine sink low,
Quaff from thy mouth the cup of blissful wine,
Bear to my lips thine offering divine;
Thine eyes are as my lamp's eternal glow.

Amid thy beauty's temple I would fare,
The incense fragrance 'mid thy breath abides;
Like night, that all in starry splendour hides,
Let fall on me thy dark, luxuriant hair.

Thy body where in passion I lament,
That shields the mighty godhead of thy soul,
A temple, marble, white, doth seem to me.

Like a fanatic I my head have bent
Upon thy lap, distraught with love's wild dole,
For thee, my yearning, thee, my deity!


"The Singing Swans" (1891).