Aunt Caroline's Dixieland Recipes/Pickles, Relishes/English Chopped Pickle

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One large head of cabbage,
One gallon of green tomatoes,
One small bottle of sliced cucumber pickle (store pickle),
Fifteen large onions.

Chop all fine and let stand over night, sprinkling them with salt. Do not put cabbage with onions and tomatoes. Next morning squeeze out the cabbage, onions and tomatoes, and put on in kettle. Add three quarts of vinegar, four pounds of brown sugar, one package of seedless raisins, one-half ounce of ground red pepper, eight tablespoonsful of white mustard seed, four tablespoonsful each of celery seed, one tablespoonful each of allspice, ginger, cloves and tumeric. Mix well together and cook about one hour.