Chinese Without a Teacher (1922)/General

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Where's my watch? 我的表在 Wawty peeow dzi nar?
Hire a sedan-chair 僱一頂轎子 Koo yee ting cheeow dza.
Bring the key 拿鑰匙 Nah yowsh.
Call the carpenter 叫木匠來 Cheeow moo-cheeang li.
This nail must be pulled out 這個釘子要拔出來 Chayka tingdza yow pah-ch‘oo-li.
I want it (coloured) 要刷色 Yow shwah si.
I want this box opened (if nailed down) 這個箱子要撬開 Chayka sheeang-dza yow ch‘eeow-k‘i.
Solder it down 拿錫鑞釬上 Nah sheelah hahn shahng.
Buy 5 lbs. of cotton-wool 你買五斤棉花 Nee mi woo-cheen meenhwah.
This tea-cup is broken 這個茶碗破咯 Chayka ch‘ah-whan p‘awla.
Send for the tinker 找一個鋸碗的 Chow yeeka chü wahnty
This door is cracked 這個門裂咯 Chayka mun leeayla.
Is this water filtered? 這個水過淋沒有 Chayka shooey kwo leen mayo?
Who is this gentleman? 這一位是誰 Chay yee way, shirt shooey?
Is it raining? 下雨不下雨 Seeah-yü poo seeah-yü?
It is sure to blow to-day 今天必要颳風 Chint‘e-enn pee yow kwah fung.
The river will soon freeze 快要封河 K‘wi yow fung haw.
Have you a skin coat? 你有皮沒有 Nee yo p‘ee-ow mayo?
It's very cold in the north 北邊兒狠冷 Paype-er hun lung.
Tell the coolie to paste up the windows 叫苦力糊上窓戶 Cheeow k‘oolee-hooshahng ch'wonghoo.
Next week I want to get the matting up 下禮拜要蓬戶 Seeah lee-pi yow tah p'ungdza.
The mosquitoes are very bad this year 今年蚊子狠利害 Chin-ne-enn, wun-dza hun lee-hi.
I have no umbrella 我沒有雨傘 Waw mayo yü-sahn.