Chinese Without a Teacher (1922)/The Merchant

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1564386Chinese Without a Teacher — The Merchant1922Herbert Allen Giles

Ask the compradore to come 請買辦來 Ch‘ing mi-pahn li.
Who are you? 你是甚麼人 Nee shirt shummo ren?
What are you doing? 你做甚麼 Nee dzaw shummo?
I keep the accounts 我算賬 Waw sooahn jahng.
How many hands do you employ in the hong? 行裏用多少人 Hahng-lee yoong taw show ren?
Fifty men are too many 五十人太多 Woo-shirt ren t‘i taw.
The business is not large 買賣不大 Mi-mi poo tah.
Hire ten more men 再僱十個人 Dzi koo shirtka ren.
A steamer has come 輪船來咯 Loon ch‘wahn li-la
Has it come up to the jetty? 到了碼頭沒有 Towla maht‘o mayo?
What steamer is it? 是甚麼輪船 Shirt shummo loon ch‘wahn?
What cargo is there on board? 船上裝甚麼貨 Ch‘wahn-shahng jwong shummo hwaw?
There are 200 bales Grey Shirtings 有二百疋洋布 Yo ur pi p‘ee yahng-poo.
Is there any Opium? 有洋藥沒有 Yo yahng-yow mayo?
Put it in the godown 擱在棧房裏 Kawdzi jahn-fahnglee.
Hire four cargo-boats 僱四隻駁船 Koo sir chirp paw ch‘wahn.
The steamer leaves to-morrow 輪船明天開行 Loon ch‘wahn. mingt‘e-enn k‘i shing.
At what o'clock? 幾點鐘 Chee te-enn-joong?
At half-past eight in the morning 八點半鐘 Pah te-enn pahn-joong.
This steamer is very fast 這個輪船 Chayka loon ch‘wahn hun k‘wi.
The cabins are also very good 客艙也 K‘aw ts‘ahng yay hun how.
What is the fare from here to Shanghai? 打這兒到上海得多少錢 Tah-cher tow Shahng-hi tay taw show ch‘e-enn?
Twenty taels 二十兩銀子 Urshirt layang yeendza.
Food is provided on board 船上管飯 Ch‘wahn-shahng kooahn fahn.
Where's the captain? 船主在 Ch‘wahn-joo dzi nar?
The captain has gone to the Consulate 船主上領事官衙門 Ch‘wahn-joo shahng ling-shirt-kwahn yahmun.
When will he be back? 多喒回來 Taw-dzahn hooey-li?
In a very short time 一會兒就來 E-hwer cheeoo-li.
Take a seat 請坐 Ch‘ing dzaw.
What's in this? 這裡頭有甚麽 Chaw lee-t‘o yo shummo?
I don't know 我不知道 Waw poo-che-tow.
I'll come again to-morrow 我明天回來 Waw mingt‘e enn hooey-li.
Where is the "Customs"? 海關在 Hi-kwahn dzi nar?
Send this to the "Pow-shoon" hong 送寶順洋行 Soong "Pow-shoon" yahng hahng.
Where does this letter come from? 這一封信是兒來的 Chay-yee-fung-sheen shirt nar li-ty?
There's no answer 沒有回信 Mayo hooey sheen.
He needn't wait 他不等用 T‘ah poo yoong tung.
Bring me a pen and ink 拿筆墨來 Nah pee-maw li.
I don't want Chinese pens and ink 不要中國筆墨 Poo yow choong-kwo pee-maw.
Bring me a sheet of paper 拿一張紙 Nah yee jahng jug.
Have all the letters come? 信都來了沒有 Sheen to li-la ma-yo?
Who‘s that man outside? 外頭那個人是誰 Wi-t‘o negga ren shirt shooey?
It‘s Mr.— of the "Kwong-loong" hong 廣隆東家 Kwong-loong toong-cheeah.
Ask him to come in 請他進來 Ch‘ing t‘ah cheen-li.
Ask the compradore if these notes are good 問買辦這個票子好不好 Wun mi-pahn, chayka p‘eeowdza how-poo-how.
I have 1,000 piculs of rice 我有一千担白米 Waw yo yee ch‘e-enn tahn pi-mee.
I want $3.00 per picul 每一担要三塊錢 May yee tahn, yow sahn k‘wi ch‘e-enn.
Too dear 太貴 T‘i kooey.
Can't let you have it for less 少咯不買 Showla poo mi.
Come and look at it 你來看一看 Nee li k‘ahn-e-k‘ahn.
Have you any coal? 你有煤沒有 Nee yo may ma-yo?
I'll write to you to-morrow 我明天給你寫信 Waw mingt‘e-enn kay nee seeay sheen.
To-morrow is Sunday 明天禮拜 Ming t‘e-enn leepi.
Send a man 打發一個人來 Tahfah-yeeka ren li.
Wait a little; I'll go myself 等一等我自己去 Tung-e-tung; waw adze chee ch‘ü.
You needn't come 你不用來 Nee poo yoong li.
What else do you want? 你還要甚麼 Nee hi yow shummo?
I don't want any. thing 我不要甚麼 Waw poo yow shummo.
Where's your master? 的東家在 Neety toong-cheeah dzi nar?
He's in the office 在寫字房 Dzi seeaydzafahng.
I am going out now 現在我要出門 Shendzi waw yow ch‘oo mun.
I am going to the "Customs" 我上海關 Waw shahng Hi-kwahn.
The Commissioner of Customs has come 稅務司來咯 Shooey-woo-sir li-la.
The pilot is on board, waiting 引水的在船上等著 Yeen-shooeyty dzi ch‘wahn-shahng tungja.