Edwards's Botanical Register/Volume 20/1728. Banksia speciosa

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*BANKSIA speciósa.
Shewy Banksia.


Nat. ord. Proteaceae. (Introduction to the Natural System of Botany, p. 68.)
BANKSIA. Supra, vol. 8, fol. 688.

1. Stylus perianthio longior hinc unguibus citiùs solutis arcuatim exsertus. Stigma laminis tardiùs dehiscentibus inclusum. Amentum floriferum cylindraceum, fructiferum folliculis transversis pluribus. Banksiæ veræ. R. Brown Prodr. 247.

B. speciosa; foliis linearibus pinnatifidis; lobis triangulari-semiovatis mucronatis subtùs niveis obsoletè nervosis, perianthii laminis lanatis, stylo pubescente, folliculis tomentosis. R. Brown in Linn. Trans. v. 10. p. 210. prodr. 252. Graham in Edinb. Phil. Journ. Dec. 1830. Bot. Mag. t. 3052.

A rare species, which, as far as we know, has only flowered three times in this country; first, in the Botanic Garden at Edinburgh, next in the garden of his Grace the Duke of Northumberland, to whom we are indebted for an opportunity of figuring it, and, lastly, in the collection of Henry Berens, Esq. at Sidcup.

It is chiefly for its beautiful foliage and graceful habit that it is valued, its flowers having no strikingly brilliant colours to recommend them.

We found neither the whiteness of the under side of the leaves, nor the faintness of the veins, which are supposed to be characteristic of the species; but these were probably only accidental deviations from what is usual.

Dr. Brown states it to be a native of Lewin's Land, on the south coast of New Holland, in rocky places near the sea-coast.

* It is almost superfluous to say that this fine genus was named in honour of the late Sir Joseph Banks, the enlightened traveller, and the steady friend of science, whose memory would deserve to be immortalised, if it were only for his protection of such men as Dryander and Brown.